This document explains how to list your events on the Club Soda website (

Account set up 

We need to set you up as a user of our website first. Once you have signed the Club Soda reciprocity agreement you will get an email which will ask you to create a new password. Any problems email

You can manage your password and account details at

How to add an event

Go to

This should be self-explanatory in terms of event Name and Description.

Picture size: Please use a square picture as it works best in the mobile ‘stream’ – Instagram’s standard dimensions (1080×1080 pixels) is ideal.

Virtual events: If your event is online and you want to include (for example to a YouTube or Facebook live stream, or a Zoom meeting), select “configure virtual events” and enter the details.

Venue: If your event has a real world venue, just start typing and it will let you create a new venue, otherwise leave this blank.

Organiser: Same with adding yourself as an organiser – once you are added for the first time you will be on the list!

Link: This is the link to your ticketing page. 

Price: Please put a £ sign in too.

Once you’ve completed all the details press submit.

Editing your event

You can edit your event at any time once you have submitted it, before or after it has been published.

Go directly to or select “view your submitted events” to find a list of your upcoming and previous events, which you can view, edit or delete.

Making events live

We will get a notification for all submitted events, and will review and approve your event as soon as we can! Once approved and live, you can see your event at

Sharing events on Facebook

We can also share your events on our Facebook page. But to do this, you need to have set up a Facebook event – this is because of the way Facebook does event sharing. It means that a Facebook event shared to a page will automatically appear in the events tab for the page, making it easier for people to find them. A link to Eventbrite shared on the page would just get lost (note that Eventbrite has made this easy and has a setting which allows you to automatically create a Facebook event on your personal profile or page). 

Once you have submitted the event to the website, please send a link to your Facebook event to


If you have any questions or problems, email and one of the team will get back to you.

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