15 Tips for the Struggling Quitter

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As we always say, we love hearing from Club Soda members about how their journey is going. One of our members, Rachel, recently reached the 100 day mark, writing: ….I remember reading others’ success stories and thinking I would never make 100 days. And now, here I am. I was almost excited when I woke up, like it was my Birthday!

Reaching our goals is a truly unique feeling and one we all work hard towards, whatever they may be. However, when we are in the throes of getting there, we perhaps lose sight of our goal. It can sometimes not feel worth it, the short terms gains of giving up seem more appealing. Preparing for those moments, to check in, to have safety nets when it comes to knee jerk, sabotage reactions, will help bolster you during the rough, and help you realign with your goals. For those who might be having a bit of a struggle, Rachel kindly came up with a list of tips she found helpful to keep going when reaching her goal.

Rachel’s 15 tips for the struggling quitter

1) Decide a start date.

2) Get rid of all alcohol.

3) Read any of the books recommended on Club Soda. I found Julian Kirkman-page‘s ‘I Don’t Drink‘ and ‘One Less For The Road‘ to be most inspiring.

4) Stay close to others, even if you just check in daily. I have found it very supportive.

5) Record how many days you have stopped drinking. I have an app called ‘I’m Done Drinking‘ which records how many days AF, how many drinks not drunk, how much money saved and how many calories not consumed. I also write it on a chalkboard in my kitchen.

6) Stock up on AF drinks. The beers can be very good, but I have found the wines to be a little too sweet for my taste. Not everyone agrees on AF drinks, but I have found them to be invaluable. Find your favourite. (Editor’s note: have a read of Club Soda’s popular zero/low alcohol beer tasting events for a few ideas.)

7) Have a stash of treats. My fridge is full of chocolate and I have around 15 different types of ice cream in my freezer.

8) Try not to overeat. It will make you depressed if you do. By not drinking, you will lose weight. A bottle of wine is 700 calories. I have lost 1 stone since I started.

9) Try to do daily exercise. A long daily walk does it for me. It makes you feel better and kills time. You will suddenly find that you have lots of it!!

10) Avoid all triggers, even if that means avoiding certain people for a while.

11) Reward yourself. You’re going to save money anyway. My app says that I’ve saved well over £1000 already. If you could afford to spend it on alcohol, then you can afford to spend it on yourself!

12) Get plenty of sleep. A tired you will have weaker resistance. (Editor’s note: read our blog about sleep for additional tips).

13) Eat well. I take various vitamin supplements as well, but that’s up to you.

14) Do something, whatever it is that you enjoyed before you started to drink, or find something new to do.

15) Make sure you have the support of those around you. It helps.

And finally, thank you to everyone on Club Soda for your support. If I can do it, anyone can!

It is easy to get demoralised or lose focus of your goal on your journey to change your drinking. We hope reading the joys and advice from someone who has already been through it can spur you on through the rough patches. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your landmark too, and might find us bothering you for permission to share your story. If Rachel’s list is helpful, why not print it out and put it on your fridge? Congratulations to all our members on their successes, however small, and thank you Rachel for sharing yours.


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