Kim’s journey: 2 months into becoming alcohol-free

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Guest blogger and Club Soda member Kim is now two months into becoming alcohol-free. In this guest article she explains the ups, downs and the not-so-sure’s of her journey so far.

Two months alcohol-free

It’s month two of my alcohol-free journey, so I’m still very new at this and pretty much at the beginning compared to a lot of peeps. I’m still discovering the good things and the bad things, and recording them on my way. Here are a few things I’ve been up to:

The Doctors

Bad: I have an infection and need a heavy dose of antibiotics.  

Good: The doctor started telling me about not drinking on the antibiotics, and I managed to say out loud, more than once: “It’s fine – I DON’T DRINK, I DON’T DRINK!!!!” Hoooorahhhh!

(Granted she looked puzzled at the various unidentified drinking injuries on my medical notes, including a broken arm and concussion sustained from pole dancing around the lamp-post outside my house).

Childcare duties

Good – Not being hungover last Sunday and being able to take a 4 year old to the theatre, without losing or breaking her.

Bad – A theatre full of 3-4 year olds smells of farts and is far noisier than any gig I’ve EVER been to.

Being the friend my friends deserve

Bad – Awful friend week; one diagnosed with cancer, one lost his job, one having awful partner problems.

Good – Being able to give them support. This included doing ad hoc house visits and a morale-boosting skype call (normally totally out of the question as I do not want anyone to see me slurring with my make-up halfway down my face).

Trying to be a normal drinker

Bad – Feeling really pissed off I can’t drink wine again. Ever.

Good – Being introduced to support forums, reading blogs and peeping in the chatroom. Somebody suggested a documentary called ‘Rain in my Heart’. I watched it, and as awful as it was, it certainly helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

Enjoying a different kind of party

Bad – My laser disco ball ran out of batteries mid-disco bath.

Good – I got out of the bath because I’d lost the disco vibe, NOT because I had drunk the half a bottle of Rioja that I would normally take in the bath with me.

Remembering how much I really drank

When I started, I downloaded a couple of apps to help me and then pretty much forgot about them. So when I was stuck at home today unwell with an infection and feeling really sorry for myself, I spent the day on my phone.

I found an app counter I set up. The first showed how much I was drinking (I did lie slightly as I couldn’t admit how much I drank even to myself) and the second is where I am at the moment.

I am so proud but don’t really have anyone to tell. I’m hoping you will be proud of me too.


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