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A common ritual for everyone, regardless of lifestyle, is to open a bottle of wine to unwind after a busy day -or maybe a few beers, or a couple of G & T’s. Whatever your go-to release drink of choice, it’s difficult to learn to navigate your evening and relax without it. There are many things you can implement into your after-work routine to help you unwind without the need for booze such as reading, cooking, doing something creative, having a bath, learning a new skill, exercise and of course, mindfulness. We asked Movement for Modern Life, the UK online yoga and wellbeing site, to write an article for us about three steps to a healthy happy hour – and check out our special Club Soda members discount at the end!

You know the time – when you come in from work and you’re absolutely exhausted from the day and maybe your mind is still frazzled. It’s the perfect time for a brain-numbing drink, so you forget your worries.

A powerful tool we’ve found is to swap our evening glass of wine, for a yoga class or a meditation. Early evening is the perfect time to transition from work, by spending some time getting out of your head and back into your body.

If you want to change an evening glass of wine habit and feel the benefits of a healthy after-work habit, we’ve come up with 3 steps to starting a new happy hour:

  1. Reclaim Your Evening

The chances are you’ve spent the whole day giving out energy and spending time in your head.  You may have spent the day sat at a desk, staring at a screen, or been on your feet or with people getting caught up in their concerns.

It is not surprising then, that a transition from day to evening is much needed. So think of your new happy hour as taking some self-care time for you, when you get home. Even taking just 10 minutes between your working day and home life, you’ll be surprised at the surge of energy and life you feel to continue the rest of your evening.

  1. Switch Wine For Yoga

Re-frame your Happy Hour with Yoga, Meditation or Self Care. At Movement for Modern Life, we’ve put together a collection of Yoga classes to help you to come back to yourself and ease yourself into the evening. A yoga class, or a meditation, can become a self-care habit to make a healthy punctuation mark after the stress of a working day. And by moving in the early evening we can create balance, prepare our bodies to relax and allow the best of us to shine.

  1. 3. Give Yourself 21 days to Build a Habit

For those of us who like a goal, 21 days is a perfect time to start something new and build a habit that sticks.

Too often our days leave us feeling tired and depleted, or anxious and buzzy and instead of seizing the moment, we allow ourselves to drift into bad habits. To really commit to building a healthy habit, we recommend scheduling your time into your diary for when you get home.

Even if you’re feeling far too busy one day, it is always worthwhile to just take 10 mins or less and stick to your new habit. Before starting a class, take a few moments to breathe and acknowledge how you are feeling – sounds so simple but it’s powerful stuff!  After three weeks, evening yoga or meditation at home will have become second nature to you.


Do you have tips for creating a healthy after-work habit? Let us know!

This blog was written by Movement for Modern Life, The UK’s online yoga and wellbeing site.

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