Top 5 warming drinks for the festive season

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Looking for something warming to sip on this winter? Chase away the cold with our festive favourites.

Carl Jung Alcohol-Free Mulled Wine

What: Made from an old (secret!) German recipe, Carl Jung’s alcohol-free mulled wine is spicy and warming in all the right ways. They blend cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg with a twist of citrus, creating a smooth, comforting drink that will chase away those seasonal chills. Unlike other wines, Carl Jung’s mulled wine has a mellow yet spicy depth, created by preserving the wine’s delicate ingredients. Pair with a mince pie and a warm fire and it’s a guaranteed spirit raiser.
Where: Available from the Alcohol-Free Shop.

Real Remedies’ Spiced Earth Botanical Elixir

What: Our friends at Real Remedies wowed us at our two mindful drinking festivals – they make delicious teas, tonics and tinctures. As well as being delicious and having the prettiest packaging of all time, they work with your Chakras and help your body maintain balance and sensitivity. They even have non-alcoholic botanical spirit elixirs – which are as special and tempting as they sound! We love their Spiced Earth flavour, which is a rooty blend of botanicals that adds an earthiness to any drink, without being ‘too sweet’. You can drink it straight up over ice, diluted, or as an alcohol-free cocktail base. Pair with pineapple juice, cranberry juice and lemon for a fiery festive margarita, or pick up more creative and Christmassy recipes here
Where: Available from their website.

Rochester Ginger

What: Rochester Ginger is the perfect winter treat. Made from an authentic Dickensian recipe, the clean, crisp hit of ginger has certainly stood the test of time. As well as being comforting and traditional, it’s also good for you, and ticks all the boxes of ‘winter warmer’ without the need for alcohol. You can also drink it in pretty much any way you like, whether its neat, diluted, added to your favourite tea, or warmed through with a cinnamon stick. It’s available in Dark Ginger, Lemon, Lime and Ginger, and Mulled Berry flavours to satisfy all your cosy winter drink needs.
Where: Available from Holland and Barrett.

Holy Lama Chai Spice Drops®

What: The delicious flavours of Spice Drops® can bring any food or drink to life. Their chai spices are a traditional, ready-to-use blend that retain all the natural flavours of fragrantly fresh cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and peppercorns. The chai they make is luscious; surprisingly refreshing in hot weather, and warm and comforting in the cold. And if chai isn’t your thing, never fear! They have a whole range of sweet and savoury flavours that can be added to teas, alcohol-free cocktails and even foods. They are highly concentrated, so a tiny drop goes a long way!
Where: Order from their website.

Green and Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate

What: Okay, this is the last of our top 5 warming drinks, and we’ve left it till the end because it’s our secret guilty pleasure. But it’s Christmas, right? Green and Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate is deliciously decadent, and indulgent in all the right ways. Made with hot milk for a luxurious, rounded drink, this hot chocolate is not too sweet, not too bitter and intensely chocolatey. Comforting aromas + creamy indulgence = mega chocolate win.
Where: Available at most UK supermarkets, including Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.


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