Mindfulness = attention + intention

At its heart, mindfulness is incredibly simple.

Mindfulness is about paying attention. So many of us go through life never really noticing how we feel, what’s going on in our heads, or how we respond to the world around us. Mindfulness is simply about paying attention these things, treating ourselves kindly and finding a sense of calm that comes from taking a non-judgemental attitude to ourselves. It’s about becoming who we are.

Mindfulness is also about living with intention. Sometimes it feels like life is happening to us, and we can find ourselves struggling to deal with it. But as we notice what’s going on inside us and how we react to other people, we can begin to change. We start to live deliberately. We might realise that we can’t change everything, but we can learn to accept what we have to live with, and maybe even become grateful for it.

Paying attention to drinking

Becoming a mindful drinker starts with paying attention. You can start by noticing where and when you drink, and who you drink with, even if you drink alone. Do you drink more than you want to in certain places, at specific times or around particular people?

You can also start to notice how drinking makes you feel, and how you use to relate to the world around you. Does drinking make it easier to cope? Is it how you feel confident in your social life? Does it help you relax? Paying attention to these things helps you understand the part that alcohol plays in your life.

Paying attention can also help you understand why you want to change. How does drinking affect your relationships and your family? What kind of impact is it having on your work? Or on your health? Noticing what’s going on helps you discover why you want to change. It’s often so much more than wanting to avoid a hangover.

Living with intention

Your reasons for changing your drinking are the seeds of the life you imagine.

For most of us, it’s not just that we want to change our drinking. We want to feel better about ourselves too. Our reasons for wanting to change are as diverse as we are, but it’s rare that changing our drinking is just about drinking. What kind of life would you imagine for yourself?

If you’ve got a sense of the life you imagine yourself living, you can decide the part you want alcohol to play in it. There are Club Soda members who moderate in some way – by cutting down, having alcohol-free days and swapping drinks – as well as those who are alcohol-free. There are also Club Soda members who change their minds as they learn more about themselves. You’ll find out what works for you.

We won’t ever tell you how drinking should fit into your life. It’s your life after all! Club Soda will support you whatever you choose, and however you want to change your drinking.

And all the things you noticed – like where and when you were drinking, and who with – become are the building blocks of your plans to change your drinking. You can learn to put alcohol in its proper place and live the life you imagine.

Mindful drinking really is as simple (and as complicated!) as paying attention and living with intention.

Want to become a mindful drinker? Club Soda can help.

Your next steps

If you want to change your drinking by becoming a mindful drinker, why not: