Changing your mindset and other hard challenges

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How can you change your mindset to stop drinking? How do you change a lifetime of hardwiring that says ‘alcohol is good for this or that’?

This was one of many topics members wanted to cover this week – but as always they all do link together. That is alcohol for you!

Changing your mindset? Well it takes time and practice. Laura covers the hard battle of challenging our own hardwiring. You are still in control of your actions, and with a bit of planning, practice and repetition you will be able to break your old habits, and create new ones to replace them.

Which means you have to learn that cravings are mostly discomfort. They will lessen over time and they certainly won’t kill you! It is a sign your habits are changing!

You are doing something hard, so you must treat yourself with kindness and consent. You are allowed to want something different today than you do tomorrow.

Everyone in Club Soda has a different goal, because we are all at a different stage in our journey. You may be moderating now or starting to moderate again. That is okay. But to get support you need to share your goals and the rules you stick to. That way we can celebrate success with you and chip in when things may not be going to plan!

The thing everyone needs to ask is – does this take me closer to or further away from my goal?


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