Not-So-Dark Art of Beer & Food Pairing

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You may by now have been acquainted with the age old mystery of what wine will pair nicely with your meal. But whilst we have all been worrying about the subtleties of wine, a whole different culinary dark art has been brewing: that of beer pairing.

The humble beer is much more versatile than you might think. With the wide range you can now buy, beers might actually be more food-friendly than wine, offering both complementary and contrasting tones. The quality of non-alcoholic beers has also improved greatly, so we have a much better range to choose from today. It would make a nice change to complement your meal with a beer instead of a wine, and we have found a few recommendations for you to have a go at trying out.

VELTINS 0.5% by Veltins Brauerei

Beer for That, a great website that lets you find which beers go with what foods, describes this as having ‘crisp caramel, pepper, bread, citrus, toast and herbal flavours… perfect with shellfish, fried fish, pizza and Italian foods.’

BAVARIA ORIGINAL 0.0% by Bavaria Brouwerij

A ‘…balanced, refreshing beer, with neither the malt or hop flavours dominating each other.’. This pale lager is more of a sweet option that would go great with couscous, chicken salad or bubble and squeak. It comes in two other 0% ABV varieties like ‘Fruity Rose’ which is more nutty and sweet too.

MAISELS WEISSE 0.4% by Brauerei Gebr. Maisel Bayreuth

“Spicy and smooth, golden and creamy – with hints of bananas, bubble gum and cloves, these beers pair excellently with salad and fish, and spicy food including Indian, Mexican, and Thai.”

It sounds like all the flavours got together and had a party in one bottle… but if you take anything from their description, take that it’s great with an Indian takeaway.

NANNY STATE 0.5% by Brewdog

Nanny State is a much easier bottle to find. It is often found in Waitrose and Tesco and also in many pubs and bars, and was recently part of Foodie Thursday on Radio 2 as a pairing for cauliflower steaks. You can hear the clip below. But Simon Mayo and Nigel Barden had this to say:

“….non-alcoholic beers? Almost impossible to get, and most of them are rubbish. And I came across this one, called Nanny State, and it’s amazing.”

If beer and food pairing is definitely an art, then food and non-alcoholic beers is a dark art, one that only a Club Soda member can truly master! If you find a good combo then let us know about it, and we will pass it on to the folks at Beer for That.


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