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This month we’ve been enjoying Atopia, a 0.5% spirit made from distillates and extracts. The spirit was created by Lesley Gracie, master distiller at William Grant & Sons and is the company’s first foray into the low alcohol category. In producing Atopia, Lesley has strived to create something that is complex and well balanced, with no individual flavour outshining any other. At present, the brand has released two flavours, both beautifully presented with botanical labels. 

Atopia Spiced Citrus

This spirit has a bright citrus character with a subtle spicy undertone. This has juicy orange flavour with a touch of orange blossom and a little lemon acidity. A slight warmth from coriander and a suggestion of pine from juniper. This is best served with a classic tonic, I enjoyed mine with Twelve Below Classic Premium Tonic. When it comes to garnish I usually opt for simplicity, and just used a slice of orange in this.

Atopia Wild Blossom

I love the aroma of this spirit, orchard fruit and a gentle smokiness. On the taste you have crisp apple and floral notes, the use of lavender is subtle and effective. They’ve innovatively used water infused with Applewood smoke, which gives depth. Smoke can often be delivered with an unfortunate synthetic taste, but thankfully that is not the case here, it’s gentle and brings a richness to the spirit, which makes it perfect for standing up to some punchy flavours when making cocktails. As they suggest I tried this with Mediterranean tonic, which was a fantastic pairing. They garnish with a slice of apple, which accentuates the orchard character of the spirit.

Try making an Espresso Martini…

Camille Vidal is a good friend of ours and recently came up with some fantastic alcohol-free cocktails for workshops at our Mindful Drinking Festival. I wanted to share this one with you as I think it’s quite a surprising use for a botanical spirit, but works so well. You can find out more about Camille here, she is a Healthy Hedonist on a mission to help people to enjoy life in a mindful way.

You will need

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and add your Atopia Wild Blossom, espresso liqueur and espresso. 

‘Cap’ the shaker (placing your boston glass on top and making sure it’s sealed tight).

Shake vigorously, you want to get plenty of air into your drink, this is what will give you that signature foam on top of your espresso martini.

With the boston on top, tap the edge of the shaker to break the seal and remove your glass.

Place a strainer over your shaker and carefully pour the liquid into your glass, no need for any more ice. You should get a nice foam at the end, give it a gentle shake to get as much onto the top of your drink as possible.

Garnish with coffee beans or some dark chocolate curls and voila! The perfect alcohol-free Espresso Martini.

You can find more cocktail ideas on the Atopia website, and you’ll find their products available in Sainsburys, Ocado, The Whiskey Exchange, and Master Of Malt

Have you tried either of the Atopia flavours yet? Let us know your favourite serves in the comments. And don’t forget to head to our Guide for mindful drinkers to find more amazing low and alcohol-free spirits.

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