Be your own Booze – Webinar with Annick Ina

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Club Soda member and transformational coach Annick Ina hosted this week’s webinar, and wants you to know that everything you think booze does for you – you can do yourself!

As we have discussed, there are lots of myths that we have to discard in order to change our habits. One of them is that we ‘need’ or ‘deserve’ alcohol in the face of strong emotions or habits. In this webinar Annick hits those myths head-on, and explains how you can be your own booze.

Name the feeling

Annick suggests that we identify and name the feeling that is making our thoughts turn towards drink. Then dig deeper and ask why we want alcohol? Is there another way to deal with the emotion instead?

Understanding that we feel more than merely ‘upset’, and recognising that we feel abandoned, hurt, ignored or stressed is key to finding the right response. Often the response needed is to feel that emotion until it fizzles, rather than stuffing it away with alcohol.

Five-minute art

Annick is a fan of taking five minutes with a piece of paper to transform and process the feelings.

When something happens that provokes an emotion or feeling, take a piece of paper and for five minutes create something. Draw, fold, scrunch, sculpt. Let it express how you feel. Use this exercise to move the feeling from festering inside you, and let the paper be the vessel for that feeling.

Create new rituals

If rewarding yourself with booze was the ritual for certain times of day or feelings, then look at how you replace that ritual with a new one. Annick discovered that when you are changing things, you need to add something new to your life, and not over-focus on what you may be losing. The positive practice of adding something new phases out the negative practices.

Instead of focusing on not drinking, create new rituals. It could be a new alcohol-free drink instead of wine after a long day at work, having a (disco) bath to deal with the stress, or a phone chat with someone close when you feel certain stressors.

Or a breathing exercise

Close your eyes and count as you breathe in, and again at the exhale. Annick takes you through the best breathing exercise that you can do whenever you feel an emotion that may trigger you to drink.


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