Being a diva at the bar

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Dry January to diva at the bar

Club Soda member Hanban not only went dry for January but she also discovered her inner diva, ordering bar staff to fulfill all of her booze-free needs! Read more about her new found skills that are helping her dry January stick. 

I took on the challenge of dry January and, like many, feel tons better for it. At first, it was tricky deciding what to drink instead of alcohol but then got into the swing of taking fancy bottles of ginger beer with me to dinner parties and sipping on nice teas as my housemates drank wine.

The biggest barrier was going “out-out”

My housemates had booked a table at a bar in East London for their leaving do (they’ve moved to Australia). This was the first time I was going for a “proper” night out without alcohol. When I arrived I went straight to bar and asked what non-alcohol drinks they had. They said they didn’t have any. My heart sank at the thought of drinking water and cordial all night. But when I noticed their elaborate cocktail menu I asked if they could make me a cocktail without the alcohol. A few quid later I had a lovely non-alcoholic cocktail that random people kept coming up to me asking about because it looked so tasty.

Non-alcoholic cocktail creativity

By the end of the night I enjoyed going up to the bar and seeing what they’d come up with next and the cocktails became more ambitious each time ending up with strawberries stuck on the side of the glass. I had one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time, got chatting to loads of new people, really appreciated the music and conversations and woke up as fresh a daisy with a new love for East London and fruity drinks.

Dry January is over but I feel empowered to be able to be in a bar at a friend’s or in a restaurant and not always choose the alcoholic option – turn it into a game, almost!

My friend, who doesn’t drink, now enjoys doing the same thing when she goes out and we share stories about what drinks we managed to get made for us. It’s actually quiet fun and I get the impression the bar staff secretly enjoy it too!


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