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In this blog, we’re sharing some 0% drinks with you. As you may know, we at Club Soda consider drinks of 0.5% ABV and below to be alcohol-free. A quick google search will provide a wealth of information about this. 0.5% is a trace amount of alcohol, it’s present in many foods, and it will not cause intoxication. However, we appreciate that for some of you, this still isn’t something you want to drink, be it for health, religion or other reasons (you can read a bit more here). So we are sharing some of our favourite 0% options below. 


Caleño make us feel holiday-ready with their packaging alone. This alcohol-free free spirit is inspired by the Columbian heritage of founder Ellie. She spent time exploring Columbia, perfecting a unique blend of botanicals for a zesty, tropical spirit. Juniper and inca berries are at the fore, with bright acidity and subtle spice. For a classic serve, pour 50ml over ice and top with tonic water, go for something light without too much flavour of its own. Garnish with an inca berry for a beautiful finishing touch.


Borrago #47 is a potent botanical blend. They keep their ingredients close to their chest but think clove, spearmint, citrus and a little pepper. The neat aroma and flavour is powerful, almost medicinal, but the magic happens when you add tonic. The flavours open up, this makes for one of the most refreshing botanical blends we’ve tried. This stands up well against other flavours, so you can try experimenting with a variety of tonics to find your favourite mix. Opt for fresh, clean garnishes such as mint, cucumber or a slice of juicy citrus fruit. Don’t go for anything too bitter. 

Twelve Below

Since we’re encouraging you to make your own drinks, we’d better recommend some tonics to use. Twelve Below have created a range of tonics with imaginative flavour profiles, making them perfect to enjoy on their own over ice, or as mixers. These are free of artificial sweeteners, using only natural organic agave. The founders were inspired by produce in their local area of the Chiltern Hills, and they’ve come up with a truly unique range. From pear & cardamom to rhubarb and ginger, there is something to excite every palate. Garnish to reflect the ingredients of each tonic, a simple slice of pear or sprig of mint.

The Bees Knees

The Bees Knees alcohol-free sparkling wine is a nice alternative for those celebratory moments that so often come hand in hand with a flute of fizz. It’s a mix of grape juice and green tea for a slightly more grown-up taste. You could also try mixing it with alcohol-free amaros for a spritz, or add peach puree and raspberries for an alcohol-free bellini. You can even mix with sorbet for a refreshing palate cleanser. 


Everleaf is an alcohol-free aperitif that is complex and dense in flavour. This makes it perfect for sipping on the rocks, and also for creating a range of interesting mixed drinks. This is bittersweet, with notes of vanilla and saffron cut with vetiver and orange blossom for bright acidity. Founder Paul is a Conservation Biologist and bar owner, and his knowledge of botany is astounding. He’s used this to create something bold and flavourful with a lasting finish. Mix 1 part Everleaf with 3 parts tonic, serve over ice with a wedge of orange for the perfect spritz.

Square Root

Square Root produce consistently juicy and flavourful sodas using the best seasonal produce. They’re creative with their recipes and avoid nasty additives wherever possible. Their range includes their own take on traditional flavours such as cola and lemonade, to tonics and shandies. They have an option on their webshop to pick your own box, so you can mix and match a variety of flavours. And Camille of La Maison Wellness even showed us how we could use these sodas to build some really interesting mixed drinks. Why not experiment with some of the alcohol-free spirits listed above and hone your mixology skills?

Nix and Kix

Nix and Kix make soft drinks for adults. There is no refined sugar, and their sodas are vegan and low in calories. They use Capsaicin (the hot bit inside chillies) to give each drink a little kick, giving you a boost and a little natural high. They recommend serving these over ice with a cheeky chilli slice on the rim to garnish. Flavours include peach & vanilla, blood orange & turmeric, watermelon & hibiscus, mango & ginger, and cucumber and mint, each with that gentle chilli heat in the background.

Heineken 0.0

At just 69 calories per bottle, Heineken 0.0 is something you can enjoy guilt-free. Alcohol-free beer can also be considered an isotonic drink, so we like to enjoy one of these after an evening run. This is fresh and crisp with a soft fruity malt base and a pleasant lasting bitterness and is available at supermarkets and bars nationwide.


Nirvana brew a variety of beers, two of which are 0.0%. The Traditional Pale Ale is our favourite, with notes of tangerine and a toasted malt loaf backbone. This is crisp and refreshing, and reminds us of traditional hand pull beers. This is perfect for pairing with a hearty Sunday dinner. For something a little heavier, try their stout, which has rich roasted flavour with hints of chocolate and vanilla.

You can also search for 0% drinks on alcohol-free drinks sites such as Dry Drinker or Wise Bartender, and don’t forget to use promotion code CLUBSODAVIP for your special discount. Have we missed any of your favourite 0% drinks from our list? Let us know on social media. And if you’ve been mixing anything exciting we’d love to hear about it, tag us in your photos.

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