The best things about being alcohol-free

It’s coming up to the end of Sober October, and whatever stage you’re at in your own journey, hopefully going alcohol-free has made you feel happier and healthier. Whether you’re just moderating or have cut out alcohol altogether, we’ve been thinking about what keeps you going through the difficult bits. So, to help you think about all you have achieved (as well as everything to come!), here are our top 5 best things about being alcohol-free.

Lack of hangover

As well as being happier and healthier, one of the best things about not drinking is being hangover-free. Instead of waking up feeling nauseous with a throbbing headache and an ominous sense of regret, you’re ready to spring out of bed and get going with your day. This provides a great sense of purpose, which is harder to come by if you’re spending all day on the sofa recovering from last night with two paracetamol and a fizzy drink!


Sleep is precious, and not drinking allows you to make the most of it. Rather than having a fitful night of dizziness, you can get your full eight hours and wake up feeling refreshed. Doing this allows you to reboot, and guarantees a productive day after. Sleeping better also has other surprising health benefits, like improving your memory and increasing creativity.

Eating better

Drinking less has huge nutritional benefits. For one, you will almost definitely skip that greasy kebab you might have craved on the way home, or the chips that you were fantasising about when you left the pub. Then, when you’re relishing your lack of hangover the next day, you might indulge in a salad, or have fruit for breakfast. Maybe you’ll decide to go to the gym. This breaks the cycle of eating fatty food caused by drinking, giving you more energy and allowing you to be more active.

Saving money

The most obvious benefit. When you’re still buying rounds in the pub well into the night, you stop thinking about what you’re spending, and your contactless debit card might do more harm than help. Few people want to match their mates pint for pint with a soft drink, so you fall into a natural pattern of consuming less anyway. Doing Sober October means your bank account can breathe a sigh of relief.

Feeling more in control

In many ways, not drinking allows you to take control. You can go to work feeling ready for the day, spend memorable time with friends and family at weekends, and generally feel that you have a better quality of life. Cutting out the embarrassing drunken antics and mysterious bruises is a benefit rather than a sacrifice, and your friends and colleagues will admire your willpower and determination. So, however your journey is going, the most important thing to remember is why you started it in the first place.  

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