Big Drop Brewing Co. Citrus Pale Ale review

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Big Drop Brewing Co. has done it again, this time producing a delicious citrus pale ale to accompany their already popular Chocolate Milk StoutThe brand new 0.5% ABV beer is currently in the process of being bottled, labelled and packaged. Fortunately, owner Rob Fink had time to give Club Soda a sneaky taste!

Described by Big Drop Brewing Co. as “deliciously refreshing”, this dry-hopped pale ale is packed full of citrus flavours to create a crisp, zesty beer. The nose has hints of pine and honey, and the taste is citrussy with a hint of grapefruit. The addition of lactose gives it that all-important body which Big Drop previously achieved with their Chocolate Milk Stout. With a mixture of complex dark and lighter flavours, this pale ale will certainly give all discerning low-and-no aficionados something to think about!

Citrus Pale Ale reviews

And the good news is, our members are pretty impressed too. Our main reviewer, Dan, said: “served nicely chilled, the beer was a lovely accompaniment to our Japanese hot pot. The citrusy tones went well with the seafood and also complimented the ponzu sauce (yuzu and soy sauce dressing). I personally think that a pale ale pairs very well with decent tofu. This is quite possibly the most hipster thing I have ever said!”

Other members have noted the citrus flavours which give the pale ale similarities to a Brewdog’s Nanny State IPA. They described the pale ale as “smooth”, “a nice summer drink” and “good with Asian food”. One member was pleased that the pale ale does indeed “taste like beer” and “isn’t sweet like other alcohol-free beers”. Praise indeed!

Order and enjoy!

Big Drop Brewing Co. recommends serving their Citrus Pale Ale cold from the fridge in a straight-sided half pint glass. The beer can be enjoyed it on its own, with a spicy Thai curry or a well-stacked chicken burger. With the big hop aromas and hint of pine, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy in the newly-emerging sun.


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