Big Drop Chocolate Milk Stout

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Low and no alcohol beers are suddenly in fashion: new brands are appearing almost every month, and the variety of flavours and styles is also increasing. Beer drinkers looking for a lower ABV drink are no longer restricted to just non-alcoholic versions of mainstream lagers. There are also ales and wheat beers on the market.

The latest brand on the scene is Big Drop Brewing Co. Some Club Soda members may already have read founder Rob Fink’s article about the labelling of lower alcohol beers on the Nudging Pubs website. Rob gave up drinking for a few months himself, and went looking for the best non-alcoholic beers. Disappointed that he couldn’t find any decent dark beers he decided to create one himself. Big Drop will only be producing beers at under 0.5% ABV – which we consider to be alcohol-free.

big-drop-chocolate-milk-stoutChocolate Milk Stout

A couple of weeks ago, Rob invited a dozen Club Soda members and friends to try out his brews, especially the Chocolate Milk Stout which is now available to buy. And we all just fell in love with it! Rob has managed to create something truly marvellous: the Chocolate Milk Stout is a dark and rich beer, with coffee, cocoa and vanilla notes. Afterwards, our beer expert Dani tweeted this: “Oh my goodness they were good. Far better than anything else I’ve had”. Oh, and the calorie content? While Rob is still waiting for the final lab results, it should be about 120 calories per bottle. So not the lowest calorie count of the 0% beers, but still not too bad, especially compared to beers with alcohol.

Rob popped by the office this week, and talked to us a bit more about his Chocolate Milk Stout; you can watch the video below.

Where can I buy it?!

The good news is that you can now buy the Chocolate Milk Stout from Dry Drinker (don’t forget the Club Soda discount code!).

And what does future hold for Big Drop Brewing Co? Well, there are two new flavours on the way: a pale ale, and a spiced brown ale. We got a sneaky preview taste of these two beers as well, and we think they are going to be popular as well!


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