Rok Soba brings alcohol-free lifestyle to BTC Racing

Alcohol-free brand Rok Soba will have an amazing first – their logo will be on a car at the final of BTC Racing Final at Brands Hatch.

Calling On UK Parliament To Stock More Alcohol-free Drinks

Club Soda and British drink brands are calling Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP for Parliament to stock more alcohol-free drinks.

Becoming a parent, drinking, and mental health

This November we are focusing on issues surrounding men and alcohol. We have invited Marcus […]

Men Drinking Mindfully – Podcast

This episode of Club Soda Podcast features men drinking mindfully; some moderate their alcohol use, some have gone sober for good.

Meet Fungtn: the alcohol-free brewery bringing mushrooms to beer

Fungtn are creating alcohol-free beers with adaptogenic mushrooms extract. We caught up with founder Zoey Henderson to find out how.

Ask Dru: Should I quit to support my pregnant partner?

Marvin asks: “We’re having a baby! I want to support my pregnant partner, but I don’t want to quit drinking. Any advice?”

Best new alcohol-free beers for November

We review the best new alcohol-free beers for November, a time when we engage in lots of conversations about men’s health.

Ask Dru: How do I cope with housemates who drink?

Melissa asks: “I’m 30 years old and live with six others. I want more control over my drinking, but removing alcohol from the house is out of the question.”

How online connection has shaped a new mindset towards moderation

Having struggled with her drinking, Alena Sagen finally took the plunge and began her moderation journey, with help from online connection.

Ask Dru: Do you lose friends when you quit drinking?

Laurie asks “I need to stop drinking but I’m worried about what people will think. How will my friends react if I quit alcohol?” Dru answers.

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