Beer Report: How to improve sales of Low & No-Alcohol Beer

We carried out detailed research to compile a comprehensive beer report on how to improve sales of low & no-alcohol beer.

London Cocktail Week 2019

Another year, another London Cocktail Week. In 2017 Jen wrote this review on a few […]

A Sobering Thought

This week’s blog is by Club Soda member Sarah, with a frank take on her relationship with alcohol.

Coming out as bi – and as a moderator

23 September is Bi Visibility Day. Club Soda co-founder Dru Jaeger explores being bisexual, moderating your drinking and what they might share in common.

Ringleaders, parents, shot-ninjas & the sober ones

This week’s blog is by Scott @theboywhodranktoomuch, who’s helping us out next week by hosting our mindful drinking crawl for Freshers’ at Bournemouth University, alongside Millie @sobergirlsociety. He shares his own experiences as a late-teen, and a few types of drinkers he came into contact with on his nights out.

How to run an alcohol-free tasting table

Whether you are looking to run an information stand at the entrance to a library […]

Things I wish I’d known about drinking

In this week’s blog and ahead of the launch of our #BeRebelAF campaign, Club Soda member Millie (of @sobergirlsociety) shares the things that she wishes she could tell her younger self about booze.

The best of 0% drinks

In this blog, we’re sharing some 0% drinks with you. As you may know, we […]

A good hearty story – Matt Chauhan

This week’s blog is by Club Soda member Matt Chauhan about heart surgery, health, alcohol-free beers, and the incredible challenge he’s set himself to help others with similar health hurdles.

Cocktail recipes from the Mindful Drinking Festival

Four alcohol-free cocktail recipes, designed by Camille from La Maison Wellness, using drinks featured at the July Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival.

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