One year, no alcohol

Meet John. John and Club Soda crossed paths when through cyber space, we stumbled on […]

Six of the best: Craft Sodas

Cawston Press Sparkling Rhubarb Available from: Ocado, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and WH Smiths. Price: 99p […]

Vostok Inspiration

Finding inspiration Sometimes there is so much bad news in the press it is easy […]

Bad Decisions v. Bad Luck?

Alcohol-induced back luck? As we sat umm-ing about what to write for this blog, it […]

Sober October – our first Month Off Booze programme

Go Sober for October? You may have noticed Club Soda’s very first Month Off Booze […]

Infusing Water

If there is one simple thing we can all do to feel better it’s to […]

People, places and things

A turning point in changing my drinking Club Soda went to the theatre last week […]

Non Alcoholic Beers 0.5% or less

So to start your month off booze we’re looking at all the awesome (and slightly […]

What is: Coconut Water

What is: Coconut Water What is it? The clear water inside young green coconuts. Why? […]


Juices Do you remember when fruit juice was healthy? I think it was sometime around […]

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