Ten discoveries from giving up alcohol for Lent

You needn’t be religious to quit for Lent “Well because there is a supportive culture […]

Love Yourself This Valentines’ Day

Abusive relationships with alcohol There’s been a lot of talk about abusive relationships, in the […]

Being a diva at the bar

Dry January to diva at the bar Club Soda member Hanban not only went dry for January […]

Counting the days – worth having a diary for

You can’t help but count the days. Whether you are taking 3 days a week […]

A dry January is a head start in the #changeyourdrinking marathon

Dry January success What a January! Alcohol Concern report that this year’s Dry January is […]

Tips for Bryony

We asked for your tips for Bryony Gordon from The Daily Telegraph. She has had […]

Drinking guilt and its big brother shame

This guest blog is by Louise Rowlinson, who writes a regular blog at A hangover […]

How to drink a soft brew for maximum smugness

Soft Drinks for Grown Ups When it comes to hanging out in the local, we […]

Anyone can benefit from writing stuff down…

Whatever your goals, write them down It does not matter what your goals are. Stopping […]

Rethinking movement: Exercise as a reward

Exercise, key to sobriety Movement, walking, dancing or exercise can be a way to nurture and […]

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