Brothers Shaun and Lee share their Rok Soba Journey

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In this week’s webinar Laura talks to brothers Shaun and Lee Fennings. They were among the very first people to join Club Soda as members when we started out, and have both written guest blogs for us in the past.

Shaun and Lee both gave up alcohol, three months apart of each other, after a drunken experience that changed their lives. Despite earning good money in the City, both found that their drinking had escalated out of control.

On this webinar, they share the story of their first few sober months, and how getting sober has made them much happier. And they’ve gained a few tattoos! Shaun and Lee have also set up Rok Soba, a clothing brand to inspire your sober journey (and to give them an excuse to take photographs of motorbikes!).

Club Soda members get free worldwide delivery on all Rok Soba products. You can buy them here – use the code clubsoda at checkout for your free delivery offer.

In March 2019, on the next stage of their awesome new sober life, the brothers are trekking to Mount Everest Basecamp in aid of Club Soda and The Prince’s Trust. They are aiming to raise 50k – you can sponsor them here.


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