How to build your own disco bath

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Club Soda member Kim told us about her disco baths in a guest article after being one month alcohol-free. You can get a glimpse of what a disco bath looks like in action in the video clip below.

We all thought this was just the best idea ever, so we asked Kim exactly how she set everything up. So here are her instructions on how to build your own disco bath. We’ve also included links to Amazon if you are inspired to start building your own bathroom club experience.

Disco bath shopping list

Laser lights – two are good to really make the room go mental (find them on Amazon).

Bath lights – only one is needed, or they will get in the way and get stuck where you may not want them to get stuck (find them on Amazon).

Battery operated fairy lights – DO NOT USE PLUG-IN ONES, YOU WILL DIE – white tack these around the bath (find them on Amazon).

Initial light in the corner of the bath – not essential for a disco bath but a recent present I received, so a welcome addition (find them on Amazon).

Glow cubes – these are definitely essential, chuck em all around the place (find them on Amazon).

Bluetooth speaker – you need your music LOUD, and this speaker flashes nice colours (find them on Amazon).

Optional: Bath dye and crackle bath powder –  this is dependent on mood (find them on Amazon: bath dye and crackle powder).

Disco bath playlist

Think anything by Swedish House Maffia or Faithless. Old skool classics like Sandstorm, 9pm till I come, Children, Brainbug…anything along those lines.

Disco bath instructions

Bring alcohol-free beer and fake fag. Turn everything on. Lower self in bath. Disco bath dance and sing for hours. Loudly. If neighbours complain, tell them it’s part of your therapy or something and essential for your sanity.



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