Ask Dru

Ask Dru: How can I talk to a teenager about drinking?

Will they listen? Will it end in a fight? This article, first published on DrinkIQ, explores tactics for talking about teenage drinking.

Ask Dru: How do I deal with the combination of children, overwhelm and depression?

Overwhelmed by family life and depression, and using alcohol to cope? Focus on what you can control, including taking care of yourself.

Ask Dru: Should I quit to support my pregnant partner?

Marvin asks: “We’re having a baby! I want to support my pregnant partner, but I don’t want to quit drinking. Any advice?”

Ask Dru: How do I cope with housemates who drink?

Melissa asks: “I’m 30 years old and live with six others. I want more control over my drinking, but removing alcohol from the house is out of the question.”

Ask Dru: Do you lose friends when you quit drinking?

Laurie asks “I need to stop drinking but I’m worried about what people will think. How will my friends react if I quit alcohol?” Dru answers.

Ask Dru: Will I ever be able to have just one drink?

Nic asks: “I’ve been alcohol-free for a while. Is it worth the risk to start again? And will I ever be able to have just one drink?”

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