Big Drop want your best dad joke, fitting for a beer created by a stout-loving but tired new dad!

Rob Fink tells the story behind Big Drop – his game-changing, award-winning alcohol-free beer, and why he wants your best dad joke for fathers day.

Alcoholic vs alcohol-free beer taste test

We taste some of the biggest brands of alcoholic vs alcohol-free beers side by side, if you want to swap your regular tipple for something alcohol-free.

Slange Var – reasons for Cheer(s)!

Slange Var means ‘cheers, to your health!’ in Scottish Gaelic. They are also a company committed to minimising their impact on the environment.

Strive for simplicity with STRYYK’S perfect serves

STRYYK non-alcoholic spirits were designed with simplicity in mind. We share perfect serves of STRYYK alcohol-free drinks, easy to make at home.

The Coast is beer: an interview with James Brown, founder of Coast

Sponsored content Launched in Spring 2019, Coast Beer Co. drew their inspiration from the craft […]

Four non-alcoholic simple serves for the bank holiday weekend

Discover four non-alcoholic simple serves you can make using Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits including a non-alcoholic gin and tonic and an alcohol-free mojito.

Heard it through the hop-bine: an interview with Danielle Bekker of binary botanical

Find out about how Danielle Bekker of binary botanical made an alcohol-free beer with sustainability at its heart and food on the table

Introducing the CBDaquirISH

Sponsored content The lockdown has seen drinks brands getting more creative than ever as they […]

Bring the cocktail bar home with Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits

Sponsored content With pubs and bars closed, there‚Äôs never been a more pressing time to […]

Where to shop for low and no alcohol drinks online

We list best places to shop low and no alcohol drinks online. Many producers sell direct from their website, there are online shops, and delivery apps.

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