Getting Started

Moderation: Could it help you change your drinking?

Moderation can be a useful approach to changing your drinking. But how do you know if moderating your alcohol consumption could work for you?

Webinar: Dawn was sick and tired of being sick and tired

Club Soda member and blogger Dawn (aka SoberFish) did her first Sober Christmas just a […]

WOOP as a behaviour change and goal planning tool

Club Soda is an active community supporting each other in changing and maintaining our alcohol […]

Alcohol and your health – useful information

This post has some basic information about alcohol and your health: drinking surveys and what […]

Alternative drinks to alcohol

Or: what on earth is there to drink now? Either at the pub or at […]

I need more help with my drinking

Does Club Soda work for everyone? We do know that Club Soda works for many […]

10 quick ways to start your Month Off Booze

These are our 10 quick ways to start your Sober Sprint or Month Off Booze […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Down

How can I moderate my drinking? One of the things we most often get asked […]

10 Nights Out That Don’t Involve Booze

Change your drinking, keep a social life? Want to change your drinking but don’t want […]

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