Going Out

Ask Dru: Do you lose friends when you quit drinking?

Laurie asks “I need to stop drinking but I’m worried about what people will think. How will my friends react if I quit alcohol?” Dru answers.

Is social drinking a trigger? How to deal with Friday night?

Is social drinking a trigger for you to drink too much alcohol? Club Soda co-founder […]

The Best venues for Dry January

January can be a particularly good time to visit the pub if you’re looking to not drink alcohol as lots of places put some extra focus on their alcohol-free drinks selection. We wanted to pick out some of our favourite venues as well as let you know about how you can find a great spot near you.

Don’t Succumb To Summer Alcohol Binging

Being alcohol-free presents a whole set of challenges during the summer months, but being a […]

Webinar: Can you adventure holiday sober? Yes you can!

On this week’s webinar we talk to Lauren, an ex-party aficionado in her 30’s, who […]

Webinar: Emily is Sober and Social

Emily has set up a new social group – Sober and Social. She shares her […]

Webinar: Why go on an alcohol-free retreat?

Laura chats to Dr Clemency Jacques about what happens on the retreat, and why you might […]

Webinar: Club Soda Guide Walkthrough

In this week’s webinar, Club Soda co-founder Jussi demonstrates how to use the new Club […]

The Guide to…The Club Soda Guide

If you were at our last Mindful Drinking Festival then you might have seen Club […]

From Party Girl to Sober Millennial – Kate’s story

This week’s guest blog is by Kate – a sober millenial. Life without alcohol? I […]

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