Inspiring Stories

How Dan from MindRocket sorted his drinking and started a business

Drinking nearly led Dan to quit his first business. His new venture, MindRocket, helps others beat alcohol-related workplace burnout.

Alcohol and supporting a pregnant partner

Marcus Barnes shares his experince of supporting his pregnant partner, and the important role that sobriety played during this time.

My sober Ibiza sunrise with my drinking buddies

Marcus Barnes explores the relationship between men, alcohol and socialising, sharing his sober social experiences with his drinking buddies.

Rok Soba brings alcohol-free lifestyle to BTC Racing

Alcohol-free brand Rok Soba will have an amazing first – their logo will be on a car at the final of BTC Racing Final at Brands Hatch.

Becoming a parent, drinking, and mental health

This November we are focusing on issues surrounding men and alcohol. We have invited Marcus […]

Men Drinking Mindfully – Podcast

This episode of Club Soda Podcast features men drinking mindfully; some moderate their alcohol use, some have gone sober for good.

How online connection has shaped a new mindset towards moderation

Having struggled with her drinking, Alena Sagen finally took the plunge and began her moderation journey, with help from online connection.

‘Lockdown took away the option to go out and drink – now I don’t want to go back to that lifestyle!’

Student Ellie on how a worldwide lockdown finally forced her to face up to unhealthy habits…and replace them with healthier ones instead.

What it felt like to drink again after a 3 months no alcohol break…

Hector Hughes changed his relationship with alcohol, and tells us what happened when he drank again after a 3-month break.

Stone Cold Moderation and Spencer Matthews’ Clean Liquor – Podcast Episode 10

In this podcast episode we talk to Spencer Matthews about getting sober and his Clean Liquor alcohol-free spirit, and Chase from Stone Cold Moderation blog.

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