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Africa Brooke: High ‘n’ most definitely dry

Last month, Laura met Africa on the tube home. They talked about Club Soda and […]

How to be the leader of the pack

Dawn gave up drinking on 27th November 2016. After having a sober Christmas, New Year […]

Kim’s Story: finding talent and filling free time

Today we have another post from our regular guest blogger Kim. She has discovered lots […]

The First-Ever Mindful Drinking Festival: Photos and Video

As you may have heard, Club Soda organised the UK’s, if not the World’s, first […]

SoberPunks says “Stop dreaming, start doing”

Jonathan quit drinking in September 2015. He has since replaced alcohol with running, climbing, and […]

How to discard alcohol as your comfort blanket

Dawn discarded alcohol as her comfort blanket and gave up drinking on 27th November 2016. […]

Confessions of a non-alcoholic

Jon Wilks, co-founder of Real Kombucha who are sponsoring the Mindful Drinking Festival, wrote a […]

An open letter to Tanya Gold

Dear Tanya, Sorry I pissed you off by quoting your article from the Guardian on […]

Kim’s Story: my first sober birthday

Our old friend Kim is back with another report of her sober journey, and she […]

Mindful Drinking – The A-Z of female celebs who don’t get smashed

Is this just another tabloid/gossip mag type ‘celebs who don’t drink’ list? No, it’s not. […]

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