Inspiring Stories

How to moderate your drinking: an interview with Jasper from HiLo

Meet Jasper and HiLo We spoke to Jasper from HiLo: a food delivery service that […]

Kim’s Story: 6 months in and the phases of alcohol free-dom

Club Soda member and regular guest blogger Kim is now six months into her sober journey! […]

Claire’s Story: Addiction, hospitalisation and recovery

We talk all the time about the changes that come from quitting alcohol, but Claire’s […]

Kim’s Story: Telling friends to shove their pity

Our member Kim continues her sober journey, and has no need for anybody’s pity. “Pity […]

The Drinking Habit, Wellbeing and Popmaster

Our old friend Julian has another guest blog for us. Today, he explores how he reworked […]

Julian reaches 1500 days sober (just over 4 years)

City worker Julian Kirkman-Page is a good friend of Club Soda, and has recently notched […]

Alcohol free before-and-after: An interview with David

Club Soda members were astounded with member David’s before-and-after photos five (or now six!) months […]

What Elton John taught me about getting sober

Elton John’s photography collection “I got sober in 1990.” This was the opening line to […]

How not to press the F**k It button

We often ruin our goals in the heat of the moment. When our emotions get […]

Kim’s Story: Looking back at five months sober

Five months ago, Kim quit the booze and hung up her chemical suit. The other […]

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