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There’s more to a Saturday afternoon than a pub lunch: the lesson I took a decade to learn

Rae Ritchie is a widely published freelance writer, a Club Soda member and a self-declared […]

Mindful drinkers and pub managers

Club Soda knows mindful drinkers – they are our members. But we have also got […]

740 days sober: 12 tips for a dry month and beyond

This article is the first of a selection of guest blogs by Club Soda members who […]

Kim’s Story: One Month Into Becoming Alcohol-free

I have now been a month alcohol-free – the longest I’ve ever been without a […]

Top five things I may (or may not) miss about drinking

Since going alcohol-free, I’ve been thinking about the things I miss about drinking, before remembering […]

Why are you saying yes to a drink?

I wrote this before I had my last drink. It not only applies to my […]

Ruby Warrington – being sober curious

In this guest webinar, Ruby Warrington shares with us her sober curious lifestyle. Ruby runs […]

My first sober New Year – Kim

I’ve been thinking of my first sober New Year a lot recently. I was nearly […]

15 Tips for the Struggling Quitter

As we always say, we love hearing from Club Soda members about how their journey […]

Kim’s Transformation

Club Soda member Kim shares her personal and moving story with us, and the many […]

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