Inspiring Stories

Why moderate your drinking?

I often get asked by people why I choose to drink moderately – and more […]

An open letter to Alcohol

In this week’s guest blog, journalist, writer, and Club Soda member Emma shares her goodbye letter […]

My top five tips to quitting alcohol

By Adrienne Walder (Club Soda Member since January 2018) Last Autumn I was feeling worryingly […]

Alcohol & Shame – by psychologist Deborah

Deborah Cole is a licensed psychologist and has been a member of Club Soda for […]

How Stopping Drinking Turned My Life Around – Simon Chapple

It was #WorldMentalHealthDay on Thursday 10th October which saw an amazing flood of social media […]

Advice from members: How to avoid swapping alcohol for other habits

Lulu from Norfolk is new to changing her drinking habits, and has started blogging about […]

Why we returned our Nesta New Radicals 2018 Award

Last week we were given an award. We were dead chuffed, Club Soda members celebrated […]

Lifting Weights Not Wine

In this guest blog for Club Soda, Angie shares a bit of her journey of […]

Who the eff is Club Soda and why are they on my TV?

We’ve had an influx of new members lately, and new followers on our various social […]

Feelin’ like a Broken Dollar: Luke’s story

If you came to our Mindful Drinking Festival in Spitalfields Market in July, you’ll have […]

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