Webinar: Phil Cain alcohol companion

Phil Cain is a writer and journalist. In 2014 he began working on a book, […]

Mental Health Awareness Week: Alcohol

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week, and if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or […]

Alcohol and metabolism – the effects of drinking on our bodies

Alcohol and…  is a series of articles exploring the relationship between alcohol and other subjects, […]

Drugs for alcohol misuse – do they actually work?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a drug, a pill that would stop you […]

Drinking dreams: what they mean and how to cope with them

There is no single explanation for the reason or function of dreams. Some experts claim […]

Alcohol and Diabetes: Everything You Need To Know

We talk a lot about alcohol and your health at Club Soda, and alcohol and diabetes […]

WOOP as a behaviour change and goal planning tool

Club Soda is an active community supporting each other in changing and maintaining our alcohol […]

Put your liver through enough?

As people who want to cut down on their alcohol consumption, Club Soda members are […]

An App to Drink Less Alcohol

If you are looking to cut down your drinking, rather than take a break, then […]

You Helped us Nudge Pubs

In a world where we are told that we have unlimited choices, it seems strange […]

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