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Ask Dru: How can I talk to a teenager about drinking?

Will they listen? Will it end in a fight? This article, first published on DrinkIQ, explores tactics for talking about teenage drinking.

How to talk to a loved one about their drinking

How to talk to a loved one about drinking? In this podcast episode we talk to Jo Huey, daughter of an alcoholic father who now helps others.

Ask Dru: How do I cope with housemates who drink?

Melissa asks: “I’m 30 years old and live with six others. I want more control over my drinking, but removing alcohol from the house is out of the question.”

Ask Dru: Do you lose friends when you quit drinking?

Laurie asks “I need to stop drinking but I’m worried about what people will think. How will my friends react if I quit alcohol?” Dru answers.

Is social drinking a trigger? How to deal with Friday night?

Is social drinking a trigger for you to drink too much alcohol? Club Soda co-founder […]

Ask Dru: Will I ever be able to have just one drink?

Nic asks: “I’ve been alcohol-free for a while. Is it worth the risk to start again? And will I ever be able to have just one drink?”

Mindful Drinking and its Impact on Mental Wealth

Ruth Cooper-Dicksont talks to Tori Felder aka The Retired Party Girl, military veteran David Cooper, and Dr Radha Modgil about mental wealth.

Am I an alcoholic? Myths and misconceptions about problem drinking

“Am I an alcoholic?” is the wrong question. Discover the myths and misconceptions about problem drinking, and how change really happens.

Taking the weekend off drinking: The benefits of a break

Dru Jaeger is one of Club Soda’s co-founders and the author of How to Be a […]

Lockdown book review: 6 books for handling big emotions and living well

For many of us, lockdown is a pressure cooker of big emotions. Whether we’re idly […]

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