Skills and Tips

How not to miss out

We often worry that if we change our drinking we will feel we will miss […]

Engaging your spirit – alcohol and Lent

In this special guest blog for Lent, Anna Stuttard who is Curate at Hornsey Parish […]

Questions about quitting drinking

On this guest webinar, Club Soda member Julian Kirkman-Page shares his story about quitting drinking, […]

Sober Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day…some of you may think it sucks, some of you may be single and […]

End of Dry January – do you stay dry?

Writer and Club Soda member Rae Ritchie shares her story of quitting drinking on this […]

Sober Sprint – Where could your relationship with alcohol be in three months?

You might remember that back in October I conducted this interview¬†with four people who were […]

Everything you need to know about meditation

This week’s guest webinar on meditation was by Niraj Shah who is… we’ll just let […]

Riding Discomfort – or Dealing with Cravings and Urges

Riding discomfort, discomfort dodging, surfing the urge, cravings, the wine witch … whatever you want […]

Dry January – How a sober sprint can change your life. Yasmine’s story

Our awesome 24-year-old vegan Club Soda member, Yasmine, has now been sober for fifteen months, […]

WOOP into the New Year – how to plan for success!

Dr. Gabriele Oettingen developed WOOP as a powerful method that has been proven to help […]

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