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The ultimate alcohol-free things-to-do during Dry January

Oh the sweet, sweet month of January. Said no one ever. It’s cold, it’s rainy, […]

12 ways to cope with January without boozing

Whether you’re doing Dry January for a month, have gone alcohol-free, are drinking mindfully or […]

How to set your New Year goals like a pro

Our friend Harriet Waley-Cohen hosted this special New Year’s Eve 2017 webinar. She shares with […]

Best things to do at New Year without alcohol

New Year can be another difficult time to navigate if you’re not drinking. We list […]

New Year’s health resolutions that don’t involve the gym or kale

It’s tempting to make tonnes of New Year’s resolutions. “New Year new me,” we think […]

2018 books for mindful drinking and quitting alcohol

If you were ever in any doubt that mindful drinking is the health trend of […]

Laura’s Christmas Eve 2017 message

The next few days of Christmas holidays will be a challenge for many, trying to […]

5 alternative ways to enjoy Christmas Day without drinking

Of all the days in December and the festive season, Christmas Day is probably the […]

8 Christmas fears about alcohol you can DEFINITELY handle

Christmas is a time of high anxiety for almost everyone. But if this is your […]

Changing when others are not changing

This week’s guest webinar, on the topics of avoiding festive fallout and changing when others […]

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