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3 Steps to a Healthier Happy Hour – Movement for Modern Life

A common ritual for everyone, regardless of lifestyle, is to open a bottle of wine […]

Who the eff is Club Soda and why are they on my TV?

We’ve had an influx of new members lately, and new followers on our various social […]

International students in the UK vs British drinking culture

When Hedi Mehrez, a French student at Cardiff University who is completing an MA in […]

Sober Barmaid: Sweets For My Sweet

Club Soda member Gala wanted to start her own blog about her journey with giving up […]

Everything I wish someone had told me when I changed my relationship with alcohol

We asked Tim Copeland, journalist and mindful drinker, if he could put together a piece […]

Self defence: Carwyn’s story

If you’re a member of our closed Facebook groups then you’ll already be familiar with […]

Reflection: Ali’s story

We caught up with Club Soda member Ali, who has now been alcohol-free for 13 […]

Kim’s Story: Hairy toes and body scanning

On Friday 11th May it’s #nationaleatwhatyouwantday, so we thought we’d take a little look at […]

What are the drinking goals of people joining Club Soda?

From the very beginning of Club Soda three years ago, we’ve always said that we […]

Moderate drinking: Can it be successful?

Lots of people have a healthy, rational relationship with alcohol without having to consciously change […]

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