Joys of change: the best things about getting a grip on your drinking

Getting a grip on your drinking is a great feeling, and one that can carry a huge sense of achievement. More than just giving up booze, you are proving your resilience and determination by changing a deeply ingrained aspect of your lifestyle. It’s surprising what else can change when you stop drinking – so here are five of the things that you may or may not have noticed.

To paraphrase Justin Bieber, you can go and love yourself

We love self-love. One of the best things about getting a grip on your drinking is being able to concentrate on other ways of caring for yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally. You can go on that run because you aren’t hungover, you can treat yourself to that massage because of the money you’ve saved, and you can skip the greasy fry-up that you would’ve craved after a boozy night on the town. Living a physically healthier lifestyle can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

“I like the fact that my alcohol brain chatter has quietened.  I’m losing weight. I love being clear headed and hangover free, together with all the guilt and shame that brings with it. I do know I’ll struggle today, but I won’t give in. I cherish my sobriety too much.” Club Soda Member

It’s the little things

Time is precious, and drinking only sucks away the motivation to get up and go. Giving up drinking might feel like you’ve just been left with a lot of empty time on your hands, so you may have found new hobbies to fill it. Whether it’s meeting up with an old friend for coffee or having some me-time with a Kim-style disco bath, it’s time to realise that having more time is a blessing rather than a curse. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life’s simple pleasures and learning to value the little things.

Living life in high definition

Annie Grace of This Naked Mind believes that drinking to “calm your nerves” just causes emotional negativity to go from bad to worse. Now you’re on the road to contentment, you may have begun the process of removing or fixing the specific thing that is causing you stress. Without alcohol as an emotional lubricant, new emotions and experiences might seem a little more intense than before. Who knew that life could be so – well, life-like? You can read more about living life in high definition.

“The joy of finding out who I actually am! I thought I was such a chilled, easy going, nothing phased me type of person..when I gave up drinking I realised that I wasn’t that person at all. I didn’t care about who I was with, where I was as long as I could get pissed. Now is a completely different story!” Club Soda Member

“It’s all under control”

Ah, those famous words. We’ve all feigned complete control at some point to hide the fact that we don’t have a handle on the situation, at all. Of all the changes that come from giving up drinking, this one has to be the most significant. Feeling like “you got this” is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as you get closer and closer to freedom.

“I love the space gained in my thoughts when not going through the – what will I drink tonight? Where will I buy it? How much can I have without feeling rough tomorrow?” Club Soda Member

Great minds think alike

Journeys aren’t something you can ever undertake on your own, and it’s great when you realise you don’t have to. Being able to share stories, techniques and advice is as important as hearing it from someone else, and it’s great to have a shoulder to lean on when times are hard. That’s why the Club Soda community is so important – we can all support each other. 

“All my new buddies on here that started as virtual and are now real life buddies, because they all understand me” Club Soda Member


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