Christmas, alcohol and your mental health

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Christmas is a tough time for our mental health generally. If alcohol has been one of the ways you have used to ‘cope’, then you may find it is also a very triggery time of year.

Carwyn is now 2 years and 8 months into his alcohol-free journey. He took the decision to change his drinking habits to improve his mental health. Carwyn’s personal journey has also taken him to working with the mental health charity as a caseworker. He now has a greater understanding of the links between alcohol and mental health, and why Christmas in particular is a time of year that can put a strain on us for many reasons.

If you have recently quit drinking, then rather than focusing on the fact that this will be your first alcohol-free Christmas, think of it as a time to secure and protect your mental health. Don’t just ‘white-knuckle ride’ difficult situations. Instead, make sure to plan your ‘mental health first aid kit’ to improve your state of mind – all alcohol-free.

You can come out of Christmas both calmer and sober, making a happier 2018 more possible.


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