Moderating or going alcohol-free? Wondering how to get through Christmas?

Christmas is coming. Are you:

  • Worried about maintaining your drinking goals over Christmas?
  • Unsure how to navigate the social and family pressures this season brings?
  • Want to work out how to celebrate New Year’s Eve?
  • Need some support to get you to the end of 2019 – and beyond?

Join the Christmas Programme today, for just £18.

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We have thought of everything to help you through this tough ‘first’.
If you can manage the festive season then 2020 will be easy – right?

This six-week programme will:

  • Help you identify your potential pitfalls and plan to avoid or navigate them, getting you ‘trigger ready’ for the weeks ahead
  • Work together to map out the holiday season – planning moments to look forward to, and rethinking your Christmas routine
  • Discover tips and tricks to get you through all the social events and Christmas Day unscathed
  • Give you tips and ideas about what to drink instead
  • Help you plan your personal rewards, so you can feel that you are still getting the most from the holiday period.
Join the Christmas Programme Today, for just £18.

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The most useful bits were the regular emails with links to blogs. I found listening to other peoples experiences and success extremely motivating and inspiring

I love the WOOP’s – by using and reusing the same tool, it became easier and more productive.

I loved the woop about envisioning the Christmas I wanted, getting the emails, encouraging me to start new traditions….looking at Christmas differently.

What the programme looks like:

  • A programme of two emails every week, revealing helpful and practical exercises, ideas and techniques
  • A secret, invitation-only Facebook group just for the people on this programme, guaranteeing full privacy and confidentiality, giving you access to Laura and the Club Soda team to help you through the six weeks. The group will also provide mutual support from others tackling a sober Christmas.
  • Online tools to help you plan the six weeks ahead
  • Time for reflection at the end of the programme, so you can take any insights and learnings forward into the new year.
Join the Christmas Programme Today, for just £18.

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  • Can I do this if I am moderating? Yes you can, it is great for everyone whether you are cutting down or going alcohol-free – or not quite sure
  • I am not on Facebook is it worth doing? That’s OK, the emails in this programme are still a great source of help and support on their own
  • How do I join the Facebook group? Once you have signed up to the programme, you will be invited to join the private group on Facebook. If you’ve not had an invite, then email
  • When should I expect to see the programme start? The first email goes out on the 23rd November. If nothing has plonked in your inbox by lunchtime then check your spam, junk or promotions folders. Still not there? Then email
  • Can I still start after the 23rd November? Don’t worry we have that covered too: You can still sign up at any time after the start date, you will be sent links to all the emails you’ve missed, so you will be able to catch up.