Webinar: Christmas self-care with Kate and Mandy from LoveSober podcast

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This week’s guest webinar is by Kate and Mandy from the LoveSober podcast. They talk about how to prepare for Christmas without alcohol, and how to ensure you keep up self-care during the stressful time of the holidays.

To get preparing, it helps to think of your possible triggers and plan ahead: is it family members, work Christmas parties, putting up the Christmas tree, general stresses of the season, tiredness, being thirsty that may tempt you to drink? And how can you look after yourself and avoid grabbing a bottle: filling your cupboard with alcohol-free drinks, little treats, or finding some time for yourself?

Kate and Mandy also remind us that however daunting things may seem during the holidays, they will soon be all over, and then it’s Dry January and half the population won’t be drinking anyway!

For more from Mandy and Kate, check out their LoveSober podcast and website.

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