Mindful drinking is in the news. Club Soda turns up in newspapers and magazines, on TV and radio, because we think mindful drinking is for everyone – and so we want to tell people about it.

These are all our media appearances so far this year and some blogs that have mentioned us. There are links to previous years’ coverage for 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 and before. And you can find all Club Soda research reports here. If we’ve missed anything, let us know. Just email jussi@joinclubsoda.co.uk.

Newspapers & Magazines

16 January 2020 HELLO!: Best things to do in London for a fun weekend: 18-19 January 2020

16 January 2020 ONIN London: Dry January? Experience the Mindful Drinking Festival by Club Soda

15 January 2020 Backstage: Spend All Night With Wes Anderson + More Hot Dates for London Actors

14 January 2020 Visit London: Things to do in London this weekend

14 January 2020 TimeOut London: Three of the best – Bars for temperance

14 January 2020 TimeOut London: Something for the weekend – Mindful Drinking Festival

14 January 2020 Beverage Business World: Experience the World’s most innovative low and no drinks brands at The Mindful Drinking Festival

13 January 2020 Foodism: Don’t miss: 17 things to eat, drink and do in London this weekend

13 January 2020 LAD Bible: The Rise Of The Non-Drinker: Why Young People Are Turning Their Backs On Booze

13 January 2020 The Malestrom: Dry January Fest, Travel Adventures & Anti-Diet Lectures – The Weekly EDIT

13 January 2020 The Caterer: Clive Watson, Josie Adams, Charlie Gilkes and Neil Rankin lined up to speak at Pub20

13 January 2020 Londonist: Things To Do This Weekend In London: 18-19 January 2020

12 January 2020 East London and West Essex Guardian: Free festival in East London aims to change your drinking habits

11 January 2020 Londonist: Free And Cheap Events In London This Week: 13-19 January 2020

11 January 2020: Holistic Scotland: Mindful Drinking for Dry January

10 January 2020 i News: ‘Why does nanny keep falling over?’: The moment that made me quit drinking for good

10 January 2020 The Morning Advertiser: Fugitive Motel goes dry

10 January 2020 Imbibe: Six things we learned about no and low at our latest Industry Matters event

9 January 2020 Goop: Why Are People Sober-Curious?

9 January 2020 Epping Guardian: Free two-day festival aims to change your drinking habits

9 January 2020 Just Drinks: What’s coming up in soft drinks in 2020? – Predictions for the Year Ahead

9 January 2020 Venue Insight: Over 60 Low and No Alcohol Drinks to Try at This Month’s Mindful Drinking Festival!

8 January 2020 Metro: Why turning down a tipple is becoming a growing trend

8 January 2020 The Drinks Business: Diageo launches first ad campaign for non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ brand Seedlip

8 January 2020 Hackney Gazette: Laura Willoughby: ‘The sky doesn’t fall in if you don’t drink on an evening out’

8 January 2020 City Matters: What’s on around the City of London this week

7 January 2020 Askmen: A Guide to Sex and Dating During Dry January

7 January 2020 Metro: A lose-the-booze cruise

6 January 2020 El Ibérico: Londres abre el primer bar de cerveza sin alcohol del mundo [London opens the world’s first non-alcoholic beer bar]

January 2020 Good Housekeeping: How to be a part-time teetotaller

January 2020 Red Magazine: Be a freer spirit

5 January 2020 Sunday Express S Magazine: New Year, New You

5 January 2020 The Sun: DRY JAN Have you got the bottle to go dry? If you’re giving up the booze this month, here’s how to stay on the wagon

4 January 2020 Evening Standard: Dry January: Where to drink in London when you’re not drinking

4 January 2020 MyLondon: 7 fun things to do in London this month if you’re doing Dry January

2 January 2020 The Daily Mirror: Mirror Book Club: Best diet and fitness books this week to aid New Year resolutions

2 January 2020 Drinks Retailing News: Dry January 2020 “is going to be massive”

2 January 2020 London on the Inside: What’s on – Mindful Drinking Festival

2 January 2020 BBC Three: Dry January: ‘I thought not drinking was just for alcoholics’

1 January 2020 The Resident: 15 Sober Activities To Get You Through Dry January

TV, Radio & Podcasts

16 January 2020 Table Talk Podcast, Food Matters Live: The growth of alcohol-free drinks

15 January 2020 LBC

13 January 2020 BBC Radio Wiltshire

11 January 2020 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

7 January 2020 Interviews on 21 US radio stations

3 January 2020 BBC Radio Coventry

3 January 2020 Love Sober podcast: Episode 61

3 January 2020 The Sober Club podcast: How to be a mindful drinker with Laura Willoughby

2 January 2020 BBC Radio Devon

Blogs etc

12 January 2020 Kashmiri Tea House: What’s driving the rise of the no and low alcohol drinks market in the UK?

10 January 2020 Rosemary & Pork Belly: Food Festivals UK

9 January 2020 Muddy Stilettos: Are you sober curious?

January 2020 Balance: The Mindful Drinking Festival 2020

January 2020 Popculturebeast: What to do in London – January 2020

2 January 2020 Volution Event: Mindful Drinking Festival

Articles and Guest Blogs We’ve Written

13 January 2020 The RSA: Join the Mindful Drinking Movement

9 January 2020 Hospitality UK: How to integrate low and no alcohol into your offering

8 January 2020 Tipaton: Jussi Tolvin Blogi – Tipaton tammikuu Britanniassa [Jussi Tolvi’s blog – Dry January in Britain]

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