Mindful drinking is in the news. Club Soda turns up in newspapers and magazines, on TV and radio, because we think mindful drinking is for everyone – and so we want to tell people about it.

These are all our media appearances so far this year and some blogs that have mentioned us. There are links to previous years’ coverage at the end (2018, 2017 and 2016 and before). And you can find all Club Soda research reports here. If we’ve missed anything, let us know. Just email jussi@joinclubsoda.co.uk.

Newspapers & Magazines

11 December 2019 Independent Online: Let’s make responsible drinking a trend this summer

Summer 2019 On Tap: Going low, flying high

2 December 2019 CNET: 5 sobriety support groups that aren’t AA

28 November 2019 The Daily Mirror: How to cut down on alcohol this Christmas and still have a good time

28 November 2019 The Daily Express and The Daily Record: Anyone can be a mindful drinker (even during the festive season!)

27 November 2019 Aromi: Tiedostava juominen luo ravintoloille uuden markkinaraon [Mindful drinking creates a new market for restaurants]

November 2019 OK! Magazine: Lose the booze for a joyful life

20 November 2019 Drinks Retailing News: Buyer’s Guide to Mindful Drinking 2019

9 November 2019 Jersey Evening Post: Islander celebrates sobriety after hitting ‘darkest hour’

7 November 2019 Stylist: Alcohol free Christmas: “Why quitting alcohol was the best decision I ever made”

4 November 2019 Imbibe: Sober thinking: The rise of functional drinks

25 October 2019 Vitality Magazine: Want to go alcohol-free? Here’s How

24 October 2019 Bristol 247: New Night Proves You Can Be Queer Without The Beer

23 October 2019 Cambridge Independent: Lose the booze for city pub crawl

23 October 2019 The Buyer: David Gluckman: Food for thought at the 1st ‘Lo and No Beverage Summit’

21 October 2019 Business Matters: UK workers set to call time on ‘boozy’ British workplaces

16 October 2019 The Drinks Business: Why sommeliers need to learn about non-alcoholic alternatives to wine

15 October 2019 Independent Online: SA’s first alcoholic-free festival is here

15 October 2019 The Book of Man: The Rise of Mindful Drinking

10 October 2019 Sheerluxe: 14 Drink Ideas For Sober October

October 2019 British Institute of Innkeeping News: Viewpoint – Laura Willoughby

7 October 2019 The Morning Advertiser: Pubs must promote benefits to sell low-and-no alcohol beer

3 October 2019 Chicago Tribune: ‘Sometimes you just don’t need to get tipsy.’ Millennials are trying to drink less, and bars and booze makers are getting on the wagon with spirit-free cocktails

2 October 2019 Daily Star: Freshers swap booze for knitting and milkshakes as students go sober

1 October 2019 Stylist: Sober October: “Why quitting alcohol was the best decision I ever made”

12 September 2019 Investors Chronicle: Putting the bottle down

September 2019 Diva Magazine: Sober curious

3 September 2019 Independent: Will Britain stay boozy now that the young are drinking less alcohol?

25 August 2019 Daily Star: Young revellers moan they have to drink booze as Leeds Festival runs out of coke

20 August 2019 Metro: Baby boomers are keeping booze Britain afloat — but the young are drinking less

10 August 2019 kk: Hørt om mindful drinking? [ Heard of mindful drinking?]

4 August 2019 Helsingin Sanomat: Krapula-ahdistukseen kyllästyneet nuoret julistavat sanomaansa sosiaalisessa mediassa: Perinteinen raittius­liike sai haastajan ”kokeilevasta alkoholittomuudesta” [Tired of hangover anxiety, young people share the word on social media: traditional sobriety challenged by “sober curious”]

27 July 2019 Basildon Canvey Southend Echo: Five tips to ditch the booze (or at least cut down) for a sober summer

26 July 2019 Braintree and Witham Times: Five tips to ditch the booze (or at least cut down) for a sober summer

25 July 2019 Evening Standard: How to go ‘clean partying’ when the sun is shining

23 July 2019 The Financial Times: Why work events are becoming a sober experience

22 July 2019 The Drinks Business: The owner of UK brewery Cloudwater is developing a low-calorie soda brand

19 July 2019 Lancashire Post: Here is how to avoid a hangover in the heat and enjoy an alcohol-free summer

19 July 2019 Leyland Guardian: Here is how to avoid a hangover in the heat and enjoy an alcohol-free summer

19 July 2019 Lytham St Annes Express: Here is how to avoid a hangover in the heat and enjoy an alcohol-free summer

18 July 2019 Healthista: Best mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with the glam factor

17 July 2019 RTE: Ditch the drink: How to stay alcohol-free this summer in Ireland

17 July 2019 Beverage Business World: Club Soda: ‘It was still the crap coke and lemonade’

17 July 2019 Hackney Gazette: Drink it in! Club Soda’s booze-free festival is back

11 July 2019 Balance: Club Soda Summer Mindful Drinking Festival: The season of the botanical spirits

10 July 2019 The Morning Advertiser: Supermarket to take over pub with low-alcohol options

8 July 2019 Drinkpreneur: 13 Alcohol-Free Spirits At Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

5 July 2019 Londonist: The Best Beer Festivals In London: July 2019

July 2019 BarLifeUK: No-Alcohol Brands on Show at London Mindful Drinking Festival

2 July 2019 360 Grados Press: El ‘teetotalismo’ como estilo de vida [‘Teetotalism’ as a way of life]

27 June 2019 Evening Standard: How to have a booze-free summer

Summer 2019 Imbibe: Making zero the hero

25 June StreetZine: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

July 2019 The Psychologist: Finding moderation online

21 June 2019 The Sports Edit: The Healthy Hedonist’s guide to mindful drinking

16 June 2019 Psychreg: Drink Responsibly: Hangovers Steal Two weeks of Your Summer

11 June 2019 London TV: Glasto-who? The nation’s love of gin, beer and cats sparks steep rise in demand for boutique festivals

4 June 2019 SheerLuxe: How to drink less this summer

29 May 2019 Beverage Business World: Non-alcohol trend is ‘cross generational’

20 May 2019 Morning Advertiser: The boom of alcohol-free is a sticking trend

20 May 2019 Morning AdvertiserLow and No: How to Sell

20 May 2019 Morning Advertiser: Low and no: what to stock

May 2019 Essentially Catering: Mindful drinking goes digital [page 5]

4 May 2019 The Daily Mirror: Five easy ways to bin the booze — from tracking apps to alcohol-free G&Ts

29 April 2019 Gay Star News: LGBTI and sober? Here’s how you can socialize on the scene without alcohol

29 April 2019 Ipswich Star: Brewer helps launch of alcohol-free pub for Alzheimer’s patients to combat ‘sundowning’

29 April 2019 Drinks Retailing News: Lindeman’s joins no/low alcohol category

28 April 2019 The Times: Pubs tap into healthy trend for alcohol-free beer

28 April 2019 The Sun: GLEE-TOTAL Alcohol-free beer being rolled out on TAP across Britain to quench growing thirst of ‘dry drinkers’

April 2019 Blue Wings: Mocktails, please [page 15]

15 April 2019 The Daily Mail: The tipple that claims it’s booze free but not buzz free

12 April 2019  The Morning Advertiser: Club Soda and Budweiser to track drinking habits

10 April 2019 just-drinks: Anheuser-Busch InBev funds digital tool to help UK hospitality problem drinkers

10 April 2019 Venue Insight: Club Soda Announces Exciting Partnership With Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I to Create the UK’s First Digital Programme Around Mindful Drinking

9 April 2019 Inapub: Bud UK and Club Soda aim to help barstaff change their drinking habits

9 April 2019 Caterer Licensee Hotelier News: Club Soda Announces Partnership With Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I To Create Digital Programme Around Mindful Drinking

March/April 2019 Speciality Food Magazine: What’s new in drinks?

29 March 2019 Swindon Advertiser: Group of mindful drinkers help socialise sober in Swindon [Also appeared in This is Wiltshire]

14 March 2019 Virgin: Drinking for the taste, not to escape from life

13 March 2019 Sheerluxe: Where To Go In London For A Non-Boozy Night Out

8 March 2019 The Morning Advertiser: International Women’s Day – The women who lead in the on-trade

1 March 2019 The Temper: The Top 19 Sober Communities Beyond Traditional AA

28 February 2019 Gasholder: Mindful Drinking: Q&A with Club Soda’s Laura Willoughby MBE

28 February 2019 Gasholder: Mindful Drinking: a brief guide to alcohol-free

1 February 2019 Refinery29: How To Become A One-Drink Wonder

28 January 2019 The Drinks Business: How to go alcohol free when you work in the drinks industry

28 January 2019 The Morning Advertiser: Why Dry January is working for me

27 January 2019 The Business Post: No booze, please, we’re Irish

16 January 2019 The Guide Liverpool: Things You’ll Only Know If  You’re Halfway Through Dry January [also on Xpose.ie]

15 January 2019 The Morning Advertiser: How can publicans look after their wellbeing?

14 January 2019 My Body+Soul: 15 ways to drink smarter if you have boozy-weekend regret

11 January 2019 Elle: Things to do in London this weekend

11 January 2019 East London and West Essex Guardian: What’s on in East London this weekend

11 January 2019 Conde Nast Traveler: How Dry January became a thing around the world

11 January 2019 Skint London: Top Skint Picks for the Weekend

11 January 2019 Campaign Live: Booming alcohol-free beer market jumps aboard healthy living bandwagon

10 January 2019 TimeOut London: Are Londoners really drinking less?

10 January 2019 Country and Town HouseWhat’s On? Re:Solutions Festival

10 January 2019 City Matters: What’s on around the City of London this month

10 January 2019 SheerLuxe: What to do this weekend

10 January 2019 Londonist: Things to do this Weekend in London

10 January 2019 Bustle: 5 Ways Dry January Changes Your Brain, According To Science

9 January 2019 Urban Intention: Stick to being alcohol free this January with a mindfulness drinking festival!

9 January 2019 London on the Inside: Mindful Drinking Festival – What’s On

8 January 2019 Matador NetworkThe 6 best alcohol-free trips to take to kickstart your new year

8 January 2019 Belfast Telegraph: Sobriety is the new cool – and here’s the reason

8 January 2019 TimeOut LondonSix totally free things to do in London this week

8 January 2019 TimeOut London: Things to do in London this weekend

7 January 2019 NBC News: Tend to get too happy at happy hour? Consider mindful drinking

7 January 2019 Matador Network: Where to go to expand your mindfulness in 2019

7 January 2019 Conde Nast Traveller: 10 cool things to do in London this weekend

7 January 2019 Cosmopolitan: Getting Sober Curious Is the New Dry January

7 January 2019 The Malestorm: The Weekly EDIT – Who’s having a Dry Veganuary?

5 January 2019 Londonist: Free and Cheap London Events This Week

5 January 2019 London North Western Railway: Top Ten Things to Do/London

4 January 2019 SheerLuxe: Doing Dry January? You need to read this

3 January 2019 Drinks Retailing News: Alcohol-free spirit sector sees new launch for Dry January

1 January 2019 The Week: Dry January: what is it and is it actually worth it?

1 January 2019 The Resident: 15 sober things to do during Dry January in London

1 January 2019 Good Web Guide: Dry January

January 2019 The Drinks Business: Top 10 Food Trends for 2019

TV, Radio & Podcasts

12 December 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: Nihal Arthanayake

7 December 2019 BBC Radio Leicester

3 December 2019 BBC Radio Scotland: Mornings with Kaye Adams

15 November 2019 Hacking Happiness: Hacking Happiness with Laura Willoughby, Club Soda

29 October 2019: The British Beer & Pub Association – The Beer & Pubcast: Episode 4 – Low & No Beer

24 October 2019 Real Kombucha: 12 non-alcoholic drinks put to the test – a podcast with Club Soda’s Laura Willoughby

24 October 2019 Cambridge 105 Radio

18 October 2019 BBC Breakfast News

8 October 2019 Interpreting Wine Podcast: Episode 301 – Laura Willoughby, Club Soda, Mindful Drinking series (1 of 5)

1 October 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: 5 Live Breakfast Your Call

5 September 2019 Her Balanced Business Podcast: Purpose, Profit & Sobriety in Business with MBE Laura Willoughby – listen on Spotify; on ApplePodcasts

31 July 2019 BBC 3 Counties Radio

31 July 2019 The Law Society podcast: Calling time on booze culture

19 July 2019 Voice of Islam Radio

16 July 2019 East London Radio: Bread and Butter Show with Michaela Pontiki

13 July 2019 BBC Radio Kent: Weekend with Anna Louise

13 July 2019 BBC Radio London: Carrie and David Grant Show

10 July 2019 BBC Radio London

10 July 2019 BBC Radio Three Counties

10 June 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: Drivetime

16 May 2019 BBC Radio London: Vanessa Feltz show

16 May 2019 BBC Radio Essex

3 May 2019 BBC Radio Solent: Breakfast Programme

29 April 2019 Local BBC radio stations: Merseyside, Hereford and Worcester, Cambridge, Devon, Lincolnshire, York, Wales, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Berkshire.

9 April 2019 BBC World TV News

7 March 2019 The Food Talk Show: On the wagon

6 February 2019 Northern Public Radio and NPR Illinois: In Dry January, high demand for low-alcohol drinks

1 February 2019 BBC Radio Scotland: The Stephen Jardine Programme

January 2019 The Pubcast: Episode 2 – Drink up!

26 January 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: Stephen Nolan

12 January 2019 BBC Radio London: Carrie and David Grant Breakfast Show

12 January 2019 Heart FM: Breakfast Show with JK & Kelly Brook

11 January 2019 BBC Radio London: Robert Elms Show

10 January 2019 Fermentation Beer & Brewing RadioAlcohol Free Special podcast

Blogs etc

3 December 2019 Tipaton: Herkullinen mocktail pikkujouluihin: kinuskikaakao ja ripaus suolaa

5 November 2019 Night Time Economy Solutions: How to reduce the alcohol content in your premises for the Christmas season

5 November 2019 Better Health, Better Care, Better Value: Year of Wellbeing Blog: Why change the habit of a lifetime?

25 October 2019 Leicester City Council: Event aims to start conversation about alcohol

8 October 2019 Real Kombucha: Sober dating? These places serve a range of amazing non-alcoholic drinks

1 October 2019 Real Kombucha: Shani’s Sober Diaries, Pt 3: Sober October

23 September 2019 Girl & Tonic: Thoughts on how to make sober friends (and how to find them!)

18 September 2019 Love British Food: Say Hello to No and Low

16 September 2019 Prettygreentea: Ellie, Founder Of Caleno Is On A Mission To Make “Not Drinking” Fun

13 September 2019 Big Society Capital: Connecting research and ventures to improve mental health

26 July 2019 Spitalfields: Mindful Drinking Festival Spitalfields 2019

25 July 2019 Silverbird: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

24 July 2019 Hel’s Angels: Mindful Drinking

21 July 2019 Sober is Fun: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

23 June 2019 PinkCirrus: Mindful Drinking Festival

June 2019 Patchwork: How to Take Care of Your Non-Drinking Wedding Guests

11 June 2019 Drinks International: For low-no read low-yes

10 March 2019 Here East: #EastLondonInnovators with Club Soda

4 April 2019 Swiping in the City xo: Dating sober with Laura Willoughby from Club Soda

10 February 2019 Fermentation Online: Club Soda – Mindful Drinking Festival

31 January 2019 Voice of Calm – Awesome without Alcohol: 10 Best Alcohol Free Drinks

17 January 2019 Katie May: Alcohol free alternatives for Dry January

14 January 2019 Be SoberReview of the Mindful Drinking Festival by Club Soda

12 January 2019 Pete Brown: My Guide to Low and No Alcohol Beers at the Mindful Drinking Festival

11 January 2019 Master of Malt: The Nightcap: 11 January – Non-alcoholic beer pioneer Adnams will be at the Mindful Drinking Festival

8 January 2019 Muddy Stilettos: Are you sober curious?

4 January 2019 Smart Beer Club: Dry January’s box

2 January 2019 Adnams: Not your usual festival

Articles and Guest Blogs We’ve Written

24 September 2019 Drink Coach blog: Mindful Drinking & Mindfulness

August 2019 SCPN: Mindful Drinking

8 July 2019 Alcohol Change: I don’t fancy alcohol – but what can I drink instead?

July 2019 Blenheim: What can I drink instead?

May 2019 Alcohol Change: Alcohol-free at the pub

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