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Mindful drinking is in the news. Club Soda turns up in newspapers and magazines, on TV and radio, because we think mindful drinking is for everyone – and so we want to tell people about it. If you’re a journalist, get in touch.

These are all our media appearances so far this year and some blogs that have mentioned us. There are links to previous years’ coverage for 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 and before. And you can find all Club Soda’s research reports here.

Newspapers & magazines

1 July 2022 The Guardian: Has alcohol-free wine finally come of age?

29 June 2022 Sussex Express: Brighton set to host its first mindful drinking festival at The Open Market

26 June 2022 Metro: ‘It’s not good enough to just give us a nightclub and say it’s inclusive’: The rise of LGBTQ+ sober spaces

18 June 2022 MoreRadio: Brighton’s Open Market To Host ‘Mindful Drinking Festival’

16 June 2022 The Argus: Mindful Drinking Festival coming to Brighton this summer

15 June 2022 Sussex Life: Club Soda launches Brighton’s first Mindful Drinking Festival

10 June 2022 iNews: Free festivals near me: 50 UK cultural events that don’t cost a penny, from music performances to food fetes

2 June 2022 Scottish Licensed Trade News: Choice is now top priority for many

30 May 2022 The Caterer: Sustainable cocktails, female winemakers and the hottest drinks trends to be unveiled at Imbibe Live

30 May 2022 The Drinks Business: One week to go till London Wine Fair!

30 May 2022 British Beer Breaks: The high science of low-alcohol beers

30 May 2022 The Brighton Magazine: Drinking Festival Heads To Brighton This Summer Offering Chance To Drink More Mindfully & Live Well

26 May 2022 Drinks Retailing News: The latest on London Wine Fair 2022

25 May 2022 Food&Beverage Magazine: Sustainable Cocktails, Female Winemakers And The Hottest Industry Trends Unveiled During Imbibe Live’s Exciting New Masterclass Programme

25 May 2022 Drinks Retailing News: Low and no alcohol leaves its niche – analysis

20 May 2022 Harpers: Harpers and D-Vine to co-host LWF Discovery Zone

16 May 2022 Viisi Tähteä: Raittiuden rakastajat Gastro Helsinki -messuilla [Lovers of sobriety at Gastro Helsinki show]

16 May 2022 Leither Magazine: A Totally Teetotal Twenty Twenty-Two

12 May 2022 Drinks Retailing: Top 100 most influential people in drinks [our founder Laura is number 66!]

12 May 2022 We are the City: Inspirational Woman: Laura Willoughby MBE

10 May 2022 Drinks Business: Capital gains – the return of the London Wine Fair

9 May 2022 Canadian Business: The Big Business of Sobriety

May 2022 Women’s Health: Is this Women’s Most Toxic Relationship?

29 April 2022 The Bar Magazine: Imbibe Live Is Back To Reunite The Drinks Community With A Host Of New Ambassadors, Masterclasses And Exhibitors

28 April 2022 The Spirits Business: Imbibe Live to return to London in July

25 April 2022 Beer Today: Women on Tap’s beer and arts festival is back

22 April 2022 Harrogate Advertiser: Harrogate’s beer equality champion to return with Women On Tap festival packed with great events

22 April 2022 Your Harrogate: WOTFEST: Beer and arts festival set to return for sixth year next month

16 April 2022 Woman&Home: The 9 biggest wellness trends of 2022 so far⁠: From LISS to mushroom coffee

12 April 2022 Speciality Food: The Rise of Low/No

11 April 2022 Women’s Health: 22 Ways to Unwind Without Hitting the Bottle

8 April 2022 Speciality Food: How independent retailers can cash in on the mindful drinking trend

8 April 2022 Cosmopolitan: EYNTK about mindful drinking and improving your relationship with alcohol

8 April 2022 The Grocer: The teetotal gold rush: low & no alcohol drinks category report 2022

5 April 2022 Speciality Food: Trend Watch: The Rise of Nolo Wine

1 April 2022 Women’s Health: I learned these 7 lessons after quitting drinking for a year

1 April 2022 Your Sussex Wedding Magazine: Brighton’s Mindful Drinking Festival – for a pre-wed celebration

13 March 2022 Business Insider: I visited London’s first non-alcoholic liquor store and was amazed at the number of different products on offer — take a look

13 March 2022 Food & Beverage Reporter: I Visited London’s First Alcohol-Free Liquor Store — Take a Look

11 March 2022 The Daily Telegraph: How to adopt mindful drinking in 2022

8 March 2022 Carmarthenshire Herald: UK’s first Wellness Festival designed for queer, questioning and curious women

8 March 2022 Herald Wales: UK’s first Wellness Festival designed for queer, questioning and curious women

8 March 2022 The Ceredigion Herald: UK’s first Wellness Festival designed for queer, questioning and curious women

8 March 2022 The Pembrokeshire Herald: UK’s first Wellness Festival designed for queer, questioning and curious women

March 2022 Micropub Magazine Unbottling the buzz on low or zero % beers!

7 March 2022 The Morning Advertiser: Breaking the bias in the drinks industry for International Women’s Day

4 March 2022 Newsgroove: I have finally learned how to date without drinking. Here’s my sober advice

March 2022 Fine Food Digest: What’s Trending

26 February 2022 Refinery 29: “Wash Your Hair”: 10 Tips To Help You Cut Down On Drinking

23 February 2022 The Guardian: I have finally learned how to date without drinking. Here’s my sober advice

20 February 2022 The Daily Telegraph: Forget Dry January – adopt mindful drinking instead 

17 February 2022 European Supermarket Magazine: IFE Unveils Speaker Line-Up For 2022 Edition

16 February 2022 Grocery Trader: IFE unveils top speaker line-up for 2022

16 February 2022 Wholesale Manager: IFE unveils top speaker line-up for 2022

11 February 2022 Eat.Drink.Sleep: IFE unveils top speaker line-up for 2022 

10 February 2022 F&D Technology: IFE unveils top speaker line-up for 2022

10 February 2022 Daily Record: Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly shares dad’s candid life advice after mental health struggles

10 February 2022 Dairy Industries International: IFE 2022 announces speaker lineup

10 February 2022 The Grocer: Spirits soar this Dry January as non-alcoholic beers slip

9 February 2022 The Buyer: YesMore’s Tom Harvey on the best Dry January marketing campaigns

9 February 2022 Grocery Gazette: Cheers! Visiting London’s First Non-Alcoholic Off-Licence

7 February 2022 Drinks Retailing News: Will low alcohol outshine no alcohol in the wine world?

2 February 2022 The Morning Advertiser: We are behind the curve and missing out when it comes to low and no

1 February 2022 Natural Lifestyle: Inside…Health

February 2022 Alko Etiketti: Club Soda -yhteisö tarjoaa kannustusta kieltojen sijaan [Club Soda community offers encouragement rather than prohibitions]

31 January 2022 Vice: Inside the Booming Non-Alcoholic Booze Market

28 January 2022 Food Matters Live: Sober fun: the history and rise of low and no alcohol drinks and social clubs

26 January 2022 London World: Dry January: No-alcohol off licence Club Soda helps Londoners ditch booze all year round

26 January 2022 Club Oenologique: Six low and no alcohol drinks with a difference

25 January 2022 Drinks Retailing News: Low and no alcohol hit the mainstream

22 January 2022 i Newspaper: Why New York is seeing an expansion of ‘dry’ off licenses as alcohol-free drinks market expands

20 January 2022 Scottish Licensed Trade News: Drinks show set for debut

20 January 2022 Australian Men’s Health: 23 Ways to Unwind Without Hitting the Bottle

19 January 2022 Huffington Post Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks And Spirits That Pass For The Real Deal

18 January 2022 The Daily Mail: You CAN do fine dining in Dry January! Experts reveal the best alcohol-free tipples to pair with food

18 January 2022 Club Oenologique: Award-winning low and no alcohol aperitifs

15 January 2022 Men’s Health: 10 Ways to Kick Back Without Drinking

14 January 2022 The Financial Times: Are you ready for the booze-free off-licence?

13 January 2022 The Handbook: Explore the UK’s first alcohol free off licence

13 January 2022 Country & Town House: The Mindful Drinking Movement: How To Get Involved

13 January 2022 The Resident: 11 Sober Activities To Get You Through Dry January

12 January 2022 Natural Products News: News in brief

12 January 2022 SL.Man: Smash Dry Jan

11 January 2022 TimeOut London: Things to do this weekend

11 January 2022 Drinks Retailing News: Low- and no-alcohol off licences: a flash in the pan or here to stay? – Comment

8 January 2022 Sun TV Magazine

9 January 2022 Evening Standard: The ES Shopping Shortlist: What to shop, know and see in January 2022

7 January 2022 The Spirits Business: What’s on in January

7 January 2022 Yahoo!: Beat the booze: From tracking apps to quit lit books, this is your Dry January 2022 survival guide

6 January 2022 Pick Me Up!

6 January 2022 SheerLuxe: What To Do This Weekend 06.01.22

6 January 2022 Luxurious Magazine: Our Guide to Some Great Alcohol-Free Drinks to Help Kick-Start 2022

5 January 2022 Evening Standard: Beat the booze: From tracking apps to quit lit books, this is your Dry January 2022 survival guide

5 January 2022 The Spirits Business: Cocktail trends to watch in 2022

5 January 2022 Country & Town House: How to keep up your Dry January momentum

4 January 2022 The Hamilton Spectator: Just how ‘sober curious’ are you about Dry January?

3 January 2022 The Irish Times: ‘Sober curious’? How to embrace mindful drinking instead of wrestling with Dry January

3 January 2022 TimeOut: Some pointers on doing Dry January in London, from a seasoned participant

2 January 2022 The Independent: How to use mindfulness to cut down on your drinking

2 January 2022 Dose: Alcohol Free Off-License Opens In London’s West End

1 January 2022 Cosmopolitan: Everything I learned after quitting drinking for a year

January 2022 Waitrose Magazine: Dry January drives a thirst for change

TV, radio & podcasts

29 June 2022 BBC Radio Sussex

21 June 2022 BBC Radio Scotland: Mornings with Kaye Adams

19 June 2022 Radio Reverb: Food and Drink Show

1 June 2022 Soberful podcast: Episode 184 – Living Alcohol Free With Laura Willoughby

25 April 2022 BBC Radio Scotland The Kaye Adams Programme

9 March 2022 BBC Radio Scotland: Sober Dating With Kaye Adams, also on BBC Radio Highlands & Islands, BBC Radio Orkney, and BBC Radio Shetland

2 February 2022 The Morning Advertiser Lock In podcast: The low and no revolution

29 January 2022 BBC Radio 4: Saturday Live

29 January 2022 BBC Radio 4: Today

17 January 2022 BBC Radio Five: 5 Live Breakfast with Nicky Campbell

16 January 2022 Times Radio: Jenny Kleeman and Calum Macdonald with Times Radio Breakfast

15 January 2022 BBC Radio London: Robert Elms

13 January 2022 BBC Radio local networks (BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Sussex, BBC Radio Surrey, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC West Midlands, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Nottingham, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Three Counties, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Derby, BBC Radio Tees, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Wiltshire, BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, BBC Radio Somerset, BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Guernsey)

13 January 2022 The Breeze (East Hampshire)

13 January 2022 Swansea Sound

13 January 2022 Greatest Hits West Yorkshire, Greatest Hits Manchester

13 January 2022 Palm FM

10 January 2022 The Alcohol ‘Problem’ Podcast: Episode 9 Labelling & language in mental health & alcohol with Dr Lucy Foulkes

13 January 2022 BBC London: The alcohol-free ‘off-licence’ helping with Dry January

7 January 2022 The New York Times: Chicken Soup for the Weary Soul and the Rise of Mindful Drinking: The Week in Narrated Articles

7 January 2022 JNews Leader podcast: Welcome to London’s first non-alcoholic off-license

6 January 2022 Food Matters Live: Low and no alcohol: What next for the sector?

6 January 2022 Evening Standard / The Leader podcast: Dry January: welcome to London’s first alcohol-free off-licence

5 January 2022 BBC Radio London: Jeanette Kwakye

5 January 2022 BBC Radio Cumbria

4 January 2022 BBC Radio Northampton

4 January 2022 BBC Radio Leeds

4 January 2022 Heart North Lancashire and Cumbria

2 January 2022 BBC Radio London: Eddie Nestor

2 January 2022 Times Radio: Hannah MacInnes in for Alexis Conran

Blogs etc

17 June 2022 ImbibeLive: Inside Imbibe Live: Hear from our 2022 Ambassadors

4 March 2022 The Write Taste: Alcohol-free beer… Can it be good for our health?

27 January 2022 Barchick: Your February hot list 2022

19 January 2022 London Friend: Laura Willoughby MBE, Co-Founder of Club Soda, The Mindful Drinking Movement

11 January 2022 The British Guild of Beer Writers: New Guild Event – The Latest Developments in Low and No Alcohol Beer with Club Soda

7 January 2022 Master of Malt: The Nightcap: 7 January

7 January 2022 Mindfulness for Learning: Mindful Drinking

Articles and guest blogs we’ve written

May 2022 FMCG CEO: Twisting her sobriety [Laura writes about our pop-up shop]

10 May 2022 Confidentials: Calories on menus: what does it achieve? [Anja on this topical issue in food]

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