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Mindful drinking is in the news. Club Soda turns up in newspapers and magazines, on TV and radio, because we think mindful drinking is for everyone – and so we want to tell people about it. If you’re a journalist, get in touch.

These are all our media appearances so far this year and some blogs that have mentioned us. There are links to previous years’ coverage for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 and before. And you can find all Club Soda’s research reports here.

Newspapers & magazines

16 April 2021 Healthline: Queer Folks Are Creating Much-Needed Safe, Sober Spaces to Connect

12 March 2021 Cosmopolitan: Alcohol made me so anxious, I quit booze for good

21 February 2021 The Guardian: Can a gin-free cocktail really raise our spirits?

21 February 2021 RND.DE Nüchtern betrachtet: Es geht auch ohne Alkohol [Looked at soberly: it also works without alcohol]

20/21 February 2021 Kieler Nachrichten: Nüchtern betrachtet

2 February 2021 Huffpost UK: Why Dry January Isn’t Over For Us

25 January 2021 Nation.Cymru: Sober times call for sober minds, so we should also call time on alcohol in the Senedd

11 January 2021 The Sun: I started drinking at 13 & used to down 2 bottles of wine a night, my partner was set to leave but now I’m a year sober

9 January 2021 Insider: People have already given up on Dry January because of the pandemic and attempted coup at the US Capitol

5 January 2021 Retail Times: Start afresh with NINE ELMS No.18 this Dry January

5 January 2021 The Morning Advertiser: Commons speaker pledges more low and no drinks in Parliament’s post-Covid bars

5 January 2021 London Post: Parliament’s Dry January Boost – Speaker Pledges More Alcohol-Free Drinks for MPs Bars

4 January 2021 Retail Times: Jordan Henderson joins Budweiser’s #TeamZero to help kick off 2021 with a successful Dry January

TV, radio & podcasts

30 April 2021 Be More Pirate Podcast: Season 1, Ep. 4, Laura Willoughby MBE

28 February 2021 BBC One: The Big Questions

29 January 2021 BBC Three Counties Radio: Andy Collins

29 January 2021 BBC Radio 5 Live: 5 Live Drive

15 January 2021 BBC Newsbeat: You Me At Six: Why rock stars don’t need to drink

13 January 2021 Channel 4: Steph’s Packed Lunch

13 January 2021 The Rhona Morrell Podcast: Ep 11 Talking Sobriety – with Laura Willoughby MBE

Blogs etc

3 May 2021 Vittles: You and I Get Tanked Differently

March 2021 Highline Beta: How AB InBev Developed an Award-Winning Accelerator Programme

8 March 2021 Lucky Saint: Women Leading The Alcohol-free Movement

18 February 2021 The Portman Group: Supporting Communities – The Drink Sector’s Response During The Covid-19 Pandemic (download pdf file)

7 January 2021 Fooditude: Dry January survival guide 2021

5 January 2021 Real Kombucha: 10 Dry January Podcasts

January 2021 Good Help: Good Help Community

Articles and guest blogs we’ve written

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