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Newspapers & Magazines

29 December STV.TV: Dry January: Scots encouraged to give up booze after Christmas

28 December The Food Rush: A Thirst for Sobriety – Why We Shouldn’t Make Excuses for Ditching Alcohol

28 December The Guardian: Bright spots at a gloomy time for the British wine trade

27 December 2017: iNews: Moderate drinking: the Dry January alternative that lasts all year

27 December 2017: Runner’s World: I Gave up Drinking Alcohol (Mostly)—Here’s What Happened

23 December 2017: The Daily Telegraph (Australia): Mums relying on wine could benefit from mindful drinking

18 December 2017 Independent: 10 best alcohol-free drinks

13 December 2017 Coach Magazine: How Mindful Drinking Can Help You Keep Your Boozing In Hand This Christmas

9 December 2017 The Grocer: Just the tonic? Adults soft drinks category report 2017

8 December 2017 The Morning Advertiser: How pubs can look after designated drivers over Christmas

6 December 2017 Women’s Health: I Gave Up Drinking Alcohol (Mostly)—Here’s What Happened

5 December 2017 iNews: 8 ways to avoid drinking more than you want to at Christmas

5 December 2017 Independent: For those coping with alcohol addiction, Christmas is one of the toughest times of the year

4 December 2017 Dose: Non Alcoholic Alternatives For The Festive Season

3 December 2017 Stella/Sunday Telegraph: Why mothers are drinking more than their millennial children

1 December 2017 Daily Telegraph: A teetotaller’s guide to drinking less alcohol this Christmas (and why dry Yule is best)

30 November 2017 The Times: Mindful drinking: how City workers are going alcohol‑free

27 November 2017 The Morning Advertiser: 9 things we learned at the Club Soda event

27 November 2017 Inapub: The mindful way to cope with pub pressure

26 November 2017 The Observer: Millennials discover the joys of ‘mindful drinking’ as party season gets under way

20 November 2017 Evening Standard: The rise of mindful drinking: how to drink less but enjoy yourself more this party season

20 October 2017 Hot Flush: Sober Up with Club Soda (video interview with Laura)

11 October 2017 Amor Magazine: Sober October

10 October 2017 Closer: Should you join the sober revolution?

10 October 2017 Exhibition News: True brew

10 October 2017 The Memo: Inspiring women know Ada’s List is awesome

9 October 2017 Balance: 7 non-alcoholic drinks you need on your Stoptober radar

8 October 2017 The Daily Telegraph: Is it time you stopped drinking and joined the ‘soberocracy’?

6 October 2017 SheerLuxe: 5 Tips for Surviving Sober October

30 September 2017 The Food Rush: Brewing Without Booze: No and Low-Alcohol Beers

21 September 2017 The Sun: GENERATION ZZZ? Salsa dancing, crafternoons and gardening… why today’s teetotal students are embracing booze-free Freshers’ Week

19 September 2017 The Morning Advertiser: Premium soft drinks still popular despite ‘sugar levy’

10 September 2017 The Guardian: ‘Non-drinkers deserve a great adult cocktail’: how alcohol-free spirits became a stealth hit

9 September 2017 BBC News: Alcohol-free: Stealth drinking helping people give up alcohol

6 September 2017 The Guardian: Meet the entrepreneurs driving the boom of booze-free drinking

1 September 2017 Get the Gloss: Mindful Drinking and the Rise of the ‘Sober Curious’

1 September 2017 Accent: Club Soda utmanar brittisk pubkultur [Club Soda challenges British pub culture]

22 August 2017 Grazia: Mindful Drinking: The New Way To Socialise

19 August 2017 The Times: Mindful drinking is new trend among millennials

16 August 2017 The Morning Advertiser: UK’s first alcohol-free drinks festival attracts 2,500 attendees

12 August 2017 Financial Times: London’s first festival of alcohol-free cocktails

11 August 2017 Elle UK: Things to do in London this weekend

11 August 2017 Hello: To do list: our pick of hot events

1 August 2017 Time Out London: Mindfulness and martinis: August’s best drinks festivals

28 July 2017 Londonist: The Best Beer Festivals In London In August 2017

28 July 2017 HBC Magazine: Is sweating the new clubbing?

27 July 2017 El Pais: Así son las juergas en las que no corre ni gota de alcohol [Parties with no drop of alcohol]

27 July 2017 Good Housekeeping: The first alcohol-free festival arrives in the UK

26 July 2017 Metro Belgium: Britten organiseren festival zonder alcohol [Brits organise festival without alcohol]

25 July 2017 Smallish: Mindful Drinking Festival

24 July 2017 Metro: UK’s first ever alcohol-free drinks festival is hitting London next month

17 July 2017 Motto: How to drink mindfully

13 July 2017 The National Student: First Mindful Drinking Festival coming to the UK

12 July 2017 Real Simple: How to drink mindfully

11 July 2017 Metro: A mindful drinking festival is coming to the UK and all the drinks are ‘alcohol-free’

10 July 2017 The Business of Everything: The best of everything: When fitness is fun!

12 June 2017 Balance: Your guide to the London wellbeing scene

9 June 2017 The Morning Advertiser: We aren’t saying don’t drink, it’s pubs having something for everyone

9 June 2017 Drinks Retailing News: Confusing labelling “discourages” innovation in low-alcohol sector

8 June 2017 Smallish: Mother’s ruin

8 June 2017 Drinks Retailing News: The lower the better

16 May 2017 Sheerluxe: The Rise of the Teetotal Trend

11 May 2017 Positive.News: Goodbye boozy Britain? Why more young people are going dry

May 2017 Women’s Health: The Rise of the Sober Curious Movement

19 March 2017 The Sun‘Life is Just as Fun Without Booze’ One in four young Brits are turning teetotal… We investigate what’s driving the sober revolution

13 March 2017 Metro: What is mindful drinking?

5 March 2017 ara.catFalten begudes sense alcohol [Missing non-alcoholic drinks]

27 February 2017 i News: Laura Willoughby, founder of mindful drinking

26 February 2017 The Guardian: Forget the hangover, under-25s turn to mindful drinking

21 February 2017 Healthista: The rise of healthy partying

14 February 2017 Evening Standard: Lloyd’s of London brings in strict 9-5 booze ban for employees

8 February 2017 WooWoo London: The Best Places to Drink Mindfully in London

6 February 2017 The Guardian: How public services undermine people power – and what to do about it

2 February 2017 Healthista: The rise of Mindful Drinking

19 January 2017 The Morning Advertiser: Why Dry January is no longer a period of doom and gloom

17 January 2017 North Four: Mindful pub crawls in North London

17 January 2017 TimeOut London: Six free things to do in London this week

17 January 2017 Good News Shared: Mindful Pub Crawls – A Way to Have Fun Without Drinking Too Much

16 January 2017 Harpers: The teetotal trend: Beyond Dry January

16 January 2017 Hackney Today: Make mine a mocktail… (page 7 of this big PDF file)

11 January 2017 The Evening Standard: London’s best bars for Dry January (see the video on the middle!)

11 January 2017 SheerLuxe: 9 Tips for Dry January

6 January 2017 Huffington Post: Doing Dry January? Nine Alcohol Free Drinks To Try

5 January 2017 Londonist: Things To Do Today In London

2 January 2017 Dose: Anyone for Club Soda?

TV & Radio

15 November 2017 Hoxton Radio: The Hoxton fashion show

19 September 2017 BBC Radio Kent: Morning

17 September 2017 BBC 1: Sunday Morning Live

6 September 2017 BBC Radio4: The Fix

14 August 2017 BBC Radio4: You and Yours

13 August 2017 Sky News: Morning News

5 August 2017 East London Radio: Mindful Drinking Festival with Nirvana Brewery and Fitbeer

19th July How To Lead An Alcohol Free Revolution  Nourish You Podcast

19 April 2017 Wandsworth Radio: Healthy Wandsworth with Nicolette Wilson

15 February 2017 BBC London News: Evening news

15 February 2017 Share Radio: ‘Liquid lunch’ banned for Lloyd’s workers

15 February 2017 LBC Radio: Nick Ferrari At Breakfast

6 January 2017 London Live: News

1 January 2017 Sky News: Morning News

Blogs etc

29 December 2017 Patient: Can mindful drinking improve your mental health?

14 December 2017 The Pub Show: Sober Thoughts from Club Soda

15 November 2017 Sleepstation: How mindful drinking could help you sleep

8 September 2017 Alcohol Policy UK: BBC’s ‘The Fix’ seeks innovative ideas to reduce alcohol harms

16 August 2017 The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running: Are you a mindful drinker?

7 August 2017 Beer Today: St Peter’s supports Mindful Drinking Festival

2 August 2017 The Sober School: Is alcohol-free living finally becoming cool?

1 August 2017 Cultural Insight: Mindful Drinking

20 July 2017 Nourish with Ashanti podcast: How To Lead An Alcohol Free Revolution

18 July 2017 YeastBerlin: 10 Questions for… Laura Willoughby Club Soda co-founder

17 July 2017 Real Kombucha: The Mindful Drinking Festival: What’s that all about, then?

23 June 2017 Girl & Tonic: Booze Free in the Sun: 5 Alcohol Free Drinks to try this Summer

26 May 2017 Motivational 101: Booze control – an interview with co-founder of Club Soda, Laura Willoughby MBE, about reducing social dependency on alcohol

31 January 2017 Girl & Tonic: My (Not) Drinking Diary, Laura Willoughby

13 January 2017 Detox|Retox: The Mindful Pub Crawl: What (and where) to drink when you’re not drinking

12 January 2017 Alcohol Concern: How to tackle dry January in London?

2 January 2017 Beer Today: New beer movement is perfect for January

1 January 2017 Cardiau Post Bywyd – Postcards of Life: Nodiadau Adferiad / Notes on recovery

Articles and Guest Blogs We’ve Written

26 September 2017 DrinkUp.London: How to Make the Most of London Cocktail Week

23 August 2017 Institute of Alcohol Studies: Club Soda hosts the first-ever Mindful Drinking Festival

7 August 2017 A hangover free life: Mindful Drinking Festival & Alcohol Free Drinks In Recovery

4 August 2017 This Naked Mind: Drinking With Friends Is Essential

4 August 2017 The Mutton Club: Why being sober curious is good for your health

3 August 2017 Movement for Modern Life: How Yoga & mindful drinking go together

3 August 2017 Buzzfeed: 8 Questions That Will Reveal Whether You Are Sober Curious?

2 August 2017 WooWoo London: The often rocky road to mindfulness & well-being

1 August 2017 Huffington Post: Four Ways To Tell If You Are Sober Curious

27 July 2017 The RSA: The mindful drinking movement: catalyzing Club Soda

2 May 2017 Nesta: Many public services undermine self-confidence – how can we support change?

8 February 2017 WooWoo London: The Best Places to Drink Mindfully in London

23 January 2017 DigitalHealth.London: Driving innovation by changing behaviour and tech

4 January 2017 Huffington Post: 2017 Is The Year Of Mindful Drinking

1 January 2017 The RSA: 2017 is the year for mindful drinking