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Newspapers & magazines

31 December 2019 Refinery 29: A Beginners Guide To Mindful Drinking

29 December 2019 Sunday Tribune: Cheers to celebrating sobriety

23 December 2019 Londonist: 24 Cheery Things To Do In London In January 2020

23 December 2019 Conference & Incentive Travel: Is there more demand for drink-focused events?

22 December 2019 Total Health: ‘Alcoholic’ or ‘alcohol-free’? Rethinking addiction and recovery

20 December 2019 New Magazine: How to be a mindful drinker – even during party season!

December 2019 Pub & Bar: The alternative option [page 31]

19 December 2019 The Daily Mail: Father who spent his entire 20s drunk

17 December 2019 Happiful: Our Top 10 Picks for January

11 December 2019 Independent Online: Let’s make responsible drinking a trend this summer

10 December 2019 Dose: The best events to check out this winter

9 December 2019 Restaurant Industry News: Leading soft beverage event reveals 2020 F&B Ambassadors

10 December 2019 Winerist: Top Picks of Wine Events and Festivals for January 2020

Summer 2019 On Tap: Going low, flying high

2 December 2019 CNET: 5 sobriety support groups that aren’t AA

December 2019 Surf & Unwind: Wellness Expo and Yoga Festivals in the UK in 2020

28 November 2019 The Daily Mirror: How to cut down on alcohol this Christmas and still have a good time

28 November 2019 The Daily Express and The Daily Record: Anyone can be a mindful drinker (even during the festive season!)

27 November 2019 Aromi: Tiedostava juominen luo ravintoloille uuden markkinaraon [Mindful drinking creates a new market for restaurants]

November 2019 OK! Magazine: Lose the booze for a joyful life

20 November 2019 Drinks Retailing News: Buyer’s Guide to Mindful Drinking 2019

9 November 2019 Jersey Evening Post: Islander celebrates sobriety after hitting ‘darkest hour’

7 November 2019 Stylist: Alcohol free Christmas: “Why quitting alcohol was the best decision I ever made”

7 November 2019 City Matters: Square Mile could be first mindful drinking zone

4 November 2019 Imbibe: Sober thinking: The rise of functional drinks

3 November 2019 Die Presse: Eine Gin onhe Alkohol

25 October 2019 Vitality Magazine: Want to go alcohol-free? Here’s How

24 October 2019 Bristol 247: New Night Proves You Can Be Queer Without The Beer

23 October 2019 Cambridge Independent: Lose the booze for city pub crawl

23 October 2019 The Buyer: David Gluckman: Food for thought at the 1st ‘Lo and No Beverage Summit’

21 October 2019 Business Matters: UK workers set to call time on ‘boozy’ British workplaces

16 October 2019 The Drinks Business: Why sommeliers need to learn about non-alcoholic alternatives to wine

15 October 2019 Independent Online: SA’s first alcoholic-free festival is here

15 October 2019 The Book of Man: The Rise of Mindful Drinking

10 October 2019 Sheerluxe: 14 Drink Ideas For Sober October

October 2019 British Institute of Innkeeping News: Viewpoint – Laura Willoughby

7 October 2019 The Morning Advertiser: Pubs must promote benefits to sell low-and-no alcohol beer

3 October 2019 Chicago Tribune: ‘Sometimes you just don’t need to get tipsy.’ Millennials are trying to drink less, and bars and booze makers are getting on the wagon with spirit-free cocktails

2 October 2019 Daily Star: Freshers swap booze for knitting and milkshakes as students go sober

1 October 2019 Stylist: Sober October: “Why quitting alcohol was the best decision I ever made”

12 September 2019 Investors Chronicle: Putting the bottle down

September 2019 Diva Magazine: Sober curious

3 September 2019 Independent: Will Britain stay boozy now that the young are drinking less alcohol?

25 August 2019 Daily Star: Young revellers moan they have to drink booze as Leeds Festival runs out of coke

20 August 2019 Metro: Baby boomers are keeping booze Britain afloat — but the young are drinking less

10 August 2019 kk: Hørt om mindful drinking? [ Heard of mindful drinking?]

4 August 2019 Helsingin Sanomat: Krapula-ahdistukseen kyllästyneet nuoret julistavat sanomaansa sosiaalisessa mediassa: Perinteinen raittius­liike sai haastajan ”kokeilevasta alkoholittomuudesta” [Tired of hangover anxiety, young people share the word on social media: traditional sobriety challenged by “sober curious”]

27 July 2019 Basildon Canvey Southend Echo: Five tips to ditch the booze (or at least cut down) for a sober summer

26 July 2019 Braintree and Witham Times: Five tips to ditch the booze (or at least cut down) for a sober summer

25 July 2019 Evening Standard: How to go ‘clean partying’ when the sun is shining

23 July 2019 The Financial Times: Why work events are becoming a sober experience

22 July 2019 The Drinks Business: The owner of UK brewery Cloudwater is developing a low-calorie soda brand

19 July 2019 Lancashire Post: Here is how to avoid a hangover in the heat and enjoy an alcohol-free summer

19 July 2019 Leyland Guardian: Here is how to avoid a hangover in the heat and enjoy an alcohol-free summer

19 July 2019 Lytham St Annes Express: Here is how to avoid a hangover in the heat and enjoy an alcohol-free summer

18 July 2019 Healthista: Best mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with the glam factor

17 July 2019 RTE: Ditch the drink: How to stay alcohol-free this summer in Ireland

17 July 2019 Beverage Business World: Club Soda: ‘It was still the crap coke and lemonade’

17 July 2019 Hackney Gazette: Drink it in! Club Soda’s booze-free festival is back

11 July 2019 Balance: Club Soda Summer Mindful Drinking Festival: The season of the botanical spirits

10 July 2019 The Morning Advertiser: Supermarket to take over pub with low-alcohol options

8 July 2019 Drinkpreneur: 13 Alcohol-Free Spirits At Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

5 July 2019 Londonist: The Best Beer Festivals In London: July 2019

July 2019 BarLifeUK: No-Alcohol Brands on Show at London Mindful Drinking Festival

2 July 2019 360 Grados Press: El ‘teetotalismo’ como estilo de vida [‘Teetotalism’ as a way of life]

27 June 2019 Evening Standard: How to have a booze-free summer

Summer 2019 Imbibe: Making zero the hero

25 June StreetZine: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

July 2019 The Psychologist: Finding moderation online

21 June 2019 The Sports Edit: The Healthy Hedonist’s guide to mindful drinking

16 June 2019 Psychreg: Drink Responsibly: Hangovers Steal Two weeks of Your Summer

11 June 2019 London TV: Glasto-who? The nation’s love of gin, beer and cats sparks steep rise in demand for boutique festivals

4 June 2019 SheerLuxe: How to drink less this summer

29 May 2019 Beverage Business World: Non-alcohol trend is ‘cross generational’

20 May 2019 Morning Advertiser: The boom of alcohol-free is a sticking trend

20 May 2019 Morning Advertiser: Low and No: How to Sell

20 May 2019 Morning Advertiser: Low and no: what to stock

May 2019 Essentially Catering: Mindful drinking goes digital [page 5]

4 May 2019 The Daily Mirror: Five easy ways to bin the booze — from tracking apps to alcohol-free G&Ts

29 April 2019 Gay Star News: LGBTI and sober? Here’s how you can socialize on the scene without alcohol

29 April 2019 Ipswich Star: Brewer helps launch of alcohol-free pub for Alzheimer’s patients to combat ‘sundowning’

29 April 2019 Drinks Retailing News: Lindeman’s joins no/low alcohol category

28 April 2019 The Times: Pubs tap into healthy trend for alcohol-free beer

28 April 2019 The Sun: GLEE-TOTAL Alcohol-free beer being rolled out on TAP across Britain to quench growing thirst of ‘dry drinkers’

April 2019 Blue Wings: Mocktails, please [page 15]

15 April 2019 The Daily Mail: The tipple that claims it’s booze free but not buzz free

12 April 2019  The Morning Advertiser: Club Soda and Budweiser to track drinking habits

10 April 2019 just-drinks: Anheuser-Busch InBev funds digital tool to help UK hospitality problem drinkers

10 April 2019 Venue Insight: Club Soda Announces Exciting Partnership With Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I to Create the UK’s First Digital Programme Around Mindful Drinking

9 April 2019 Inapub: Bud UK and Club Soda aim to help barstaff change their drinking habits

9 April 2019 Caterer Licensee Hotelier News: Club Soda Announces Partnership With Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I To Create Digital Programme Around Mindful Drinking

March/April 2019 Speciality Food Magazine: What’s new in drinks?

29 March 2019 Swindon Advertiser: Group of mindful drinkers help socialise sober in Swindon [Also appeared in This is Wiltshire]

14 March 2019 Virgin: Drinking for the taste, not to escape from life

13 March 2019 Sheerluxe: Where To Go In London For A Non-Boozy Night Out

8 March 2019 The Morning Advertiser: International Women’s Day – The women who lead in the on-trade

1 March 2019 The Temper: The Top 19 Sober Communities Beyond Traditional AA

28 February 2019 Gasholder: Mindful Drinking: Q&A with Club Soda’s Laura Willoughby MBE

28 February 2019 Gasholder: Mindful Drinking: a brief guide to alcohol-free

1 February 2019 Refinery29: How To Become A One-Drink Wonder

28 January 2019 The Drinks Business: How to go alcohol free when you work in the drinks industry

28 January 2019 The Morning Advertiser: Why Dry January is working for me

27 January 2019 The Business Post: No booze, please, we’re Irish

16 January 2019 The Guide Liverpool: Things You’ll Only Know If  You’re Halfway Through Dry January [also on]

15 January 2019 The Morning Advertiser: How can publicans look after their wellbeing?

14 January 2019 My Body+Soul: 15 ways to drink smarter if you have boozy-weekend regret

11 January 2019 Elle: Things to do in London this weekend

11 January 2019 East London and West Essex Guardian: What’s on in East London this weekend

11 January 2019 Conde Nast Traveler: How Dry January became a thing around the world

11 January 2019 Skint London: Top Skint Picks for the Weekend

11 January 2019 Campaign Live: Booming alcohol-free beer market jumps aboard healthy living bandwagon

10 January 2019 TimeOut London: Are Londoners really drinking less?

10 January 2019 Country and Town House: What’s On? Re:Solutions Festival

10 January 2019 City Matters: What’s on around the City of London this month

10 January 2019 SheerLuxe: What to do this weekend

10 January 2019 Londonist: Things to do this Weekend in London

10 January 2019 Bustle: 5 Ways Dry January Changes Your Brain, According To Science

9 January 2019 Urban Intention: Stick to being alcohol free this January with a mindfulness drinking festival!

9 January 2019 London on the Inside: Mindful Drinking Festival – What’s On

8 January 2019 Matador Network: The 6 best alcohol-free trips to take to kickstart your new year

8 January 2019 Belfast Telegraph: Sobriety is the new cool – and here’s the reason

8 January 2019 TimeOut London: Six totally free things to do in London this week

8 January 2019 TimeOut London: Things to do in London this weekend

7 January 2019 NBC News: Tend to get too happy at happy hour? Consider mindful drinking

7 January 2019 Matador Network: Where to go to expand your mindfulness in 2019

7 January 2019 Conde Nast Traveller: 10 cool things to do in London this weekend

7 January 2019 Cosmopolitan: Getting Sober Curious Is the New Dry January

7 January 2019 The Malestorm: The Weekly EDIT – Who’s having a Dry Veganuary?

5 January 2019 Londonist: Free and Cheap London Events This Week

5 January 2019 London North Western Railway: Top Ten Things to Do/London

4 January 2019 SheerLuxe: Doing Dry January? You need to read this

3 January 2019 Drinks Retailing News: Alcohol-free spirit sector sees new launch for Dry January

1 January 2019 The Week: Dry January: what is it and is it actually worth it?

1 January 2019 The Resident: 15 sober things to do during Dry January in London

1 January 2019 Good Web Guide: Dry January

1 January 2019 The Drinks Business: Top 10 Food Trends for 2019

TV, radio & podcasts

12 December 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: Nihal Arthanayake

7 December 2019 BBC Radio Leicester

3 December 2019 BBC Radio Scotland: Mornings with Kaye Adams

15 November 2019 Hacking Happiness: Hacking Happiness with Laura Willoughby, Club Soda

29 October 2019: The British Beer & Pub Association – The Beer & Pubcast: Episode 4 – Low & No Beer

24 October 2019 Real Kombucha: 12 non-alcoholic drinks put to the test – a podcast with Club Soda’s Laura Willoughby

24 October 2019 Cambridge 105 Radio

18 October 2019 BBC Breakfast News

8 October 2019 Interpreting Wine Podcast: Episode 301 – Laura Willoughby, Club Soda, Mindful Drinking series (1 of 5)

1 October 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: 5 Live Breakfast Your Call

5 September 2019 Her Balanced Business Podcast: Purpose, Profit & Sobriety in Business with MBE Laura Willoughby – listen on Spotify; on ApplePodcasts

31 July 2019 BBC 3 Counties Radio

31 July 2019 The Law Society podcast: Calling time on booze culture

19 July 2019 Voice of Islam Radio

16 July 2019 East London Radio: Bread and Butter Show with Michaela Pontiki

13 July 2019 BBC Radio Kent: Weekend with Anna Louise

13 July 2019 BBC Radio London: Carrie and David Grant Show

10 July 2019 BBC Radio London

10 July 2019 BBC Radio Three Counties

10 June 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: Drivetime

16 May 2019 BBC Radio London: Vanessa Feltz show

16 May 2019 BBC Radio Essex

3 May 2019 BBC Radio Solent: Breakfast Programme

29 April 2019 Local BBC radio stations: Merseyside, Hereford and Worcester, Cambridge, Devon, Lincolnshire, York, Wales, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Berkshire.

9 April 2019 BBC World TV News

7 March 2019 The Food Talk Show: On the wagon

6 February 2019 Northern Public Radio and NPR Illinois: In Dry January, high demand for low-alcohol drinks

1 February 2019 BBC Radio Scotland: The Stephen Jardine Programme

January 2019 The Pubcast: Episode 2 – Drink up!

26 January 2019 BBC Radio 5 Live: Stephen Nolan

12 January 2019 BBC Radio London: Carrie and David Grant Breakfast Show

12 January 2019 Heart FM: Breakfast Show with JK & Kelly Brook

11 January 2019 BBC Radio London: Robert Elms Show

10 January 2019 Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio: Alcohol Free Special podcast

Blogs etc

30 December 2019 The Live Review: Amplify your Dry January in 2020

18 December 2019 Imperfectly Natural: Meet me at the Mindful Drinking Festival

3 December 2019 Tipaton: Herkullinen mocktail pikkujouluihin: kinuskikaakao ja ripaus suolaa

5 November 2019 Night Time Economy Solutions: How to reduce the alcohol content in your premises for the Christmas season

5 November 2019 Better Health, Better Care, Better Value: Year of Wellbeing Blog: Why change the habit of a lifetime?

25 October 2019 Leicester City Council: Event aims to start conversation about alcohol

8 October 2019 Real Kombucha: Sober dating? These places serve a range of amazing non-alcoholic drinks

1 October 2019 Real Kombucha: Shani’s Sober Diaries, Pt 3: Sober October

23 September 2019 Girl & Tonic: Thoughts on how to make sober friends (and how to find them!)

18 September 2019 Love British Food: Say Hello to No and Low

16 September 2019 Prettygreentea: Ellie, Founder Of Caleno Is On A Mission To Make “Not Drinking” Fun

13 September 2019 Big Society Capital: Connecting research and ventures to improve mental health

26 July 2019 Spitalfields: Mindful Drinking Festival Spitalfields 2019

25 July 2019 Silverbird: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

24 July 2019 Hel’s Angels: Mindful Drinking

21 July 2019 Sober is Fun: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

23 June 2019 PinkCirrus: Mindful Drinking Festival

June 2019 Patchwork: How to Take Care of Your Non-Drinking Wedding Guests

11 June 2019 Drinks International: For low-no read low-yes

10 March 2019 Here East: #EastLondonInnovators with Club Soda

4 April 2019 Swiping in the City xo: Dating sober with Laura Willoughby from Club Soda

10 February 2019 Fermentation Online: Club Soda – Mindful Drinking Festival

31 January 2019 Voice of Calm – Awesome without Alcohol: 10 Best Alcohol Free Drinks

17 January 2019 Katie May: Alcohol free alternatives for Dry January

14 January 2019 Be Sober: Review of the Mindful Drinking Festival by Club Soda

12 January 2019 Pete Brown: My Guide to Low and No Alcohol Beers at the Mindful Drinking Festival

11 January 2019 Master of Malt: The Nightcap: 11 January – Non-alcoholic beer pioneer Adnams will be at the Mindful Drinking Festival

8 January 2019 Muddy Stilettos: Are you sober curious?

4 January 2019 Smart Beer Club: Dry January’s box

2 January 2019 Adnams: Not your usual festival

Articles and guest blogs we’ve written

24 September 2019 Drink Coach blog: Mindful Drinking & Mindfulness

August 2019 SCPN: Mindful Drinking

8 July 2019 Alcohol Change: I don’t fancy alcohol – but what can I drink instead?

July 2019 Blenheim: What can I drink instead?

May 2019 Alcohol Change: Alcohol-free at the pub

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