This list has Club Soda’s media mentions for 2020. Click here for current news (and all previous years).

Newspapers & magazines

16 December 2020 Imbibe Magazine: Get low (and no): What challenges does the no- and low-abv spirits market still face?

3 December 2020 The Morning Advertiser: Has Covid-19 shaken-up low and no alcohol pub drinks?

December 2020 Bar Magazine: Support from the Drinks Trust

19 November 2020 The Drinks Business: Clarity And Education Needed For Maturing Low ABV ‘Spirits’ Category

13 November 2020 DrinkPreneur: Club Soda Calling On UK Parliament

11 November 2020 The Morning Advertiser: More low and no options in Parliament pubs would keep MPs on their ‘A game’

10 November 2020 The Morning Advertiser: Christmas stocking: which drinks should make pub and bar operator lists this year?

28 October 2020 GQ Magazine: Why a pandemic winter might be the perfect time to stop drinking

23 October 2020 The Guardian: Alcohol-free drinks that’ll make you happy not to drink

14 October 2020 The Morning Advertiser: Lowdown: Top low and no alcohol drinks on the market

13 October 2020 Just Drinks: How COVID has accelerated the trend towards sobriety – consumer trends

9 October 2020 The Times: Working from home tips: how to cope without the office

30 September 2020 The Guardian: Sober October: 17 ways to unwind after a stressful day – without hitting the booze

29 September 2020 Independent: Sober October: The alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits that won’t make you miss the real deal

28 September 2020 Speciality Food: Here’s what drinks to stock for Christmas 2020

28 September 2020 Imbibe Magazine: Why no & low sparkling wine alternatives are the answer to sober celebrations

27 September 2020 The Daily Telegraph: Are you sober curious? How to give up or cut down on booze, for October and beyond

11 September 2020 The Morning Advertiser: New product roundup

6 September 2020 The Guardian: ‘I was hammered for the first month of lockdown’ – meet the people who quit alcohol in the pandemic

August 2020 Reader’s Digest: Down to business: Club Soda

August 2020 Reader’s Digest: Mindful drinking: what’s it all about?

7 August 2020: Cosmopolitan: Everything you need to know about mindful drinking

7 August 2020: Fashion Journal: Why are so many people in their twenties choosing sobriety? I decided to find out

29 July 2020 Das Zukunftsinstitut: Sober Curiosity – den Verzicht genießen [Sober Curiosity – enjoy doing without]

29 July 2020: Just-Drinks: Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival goes online, global

28 July 2020 Top Sante: The Mindful Drinking Festival moves online!

28 July 2020 BrisCityLifestyle: Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

28 July 2020 Visit London: Things to do in London this weekend – Drink to the weekend at the Virtual Mindful Drinking Festival

28 July 2020 Greater Sydney Living: Mindful Drinking Festival Launches in Australia

27 July 2020 Imbibe: Join Imbibe at the Mindful Drinking Festival

25 July 2020 Man of Many: Mindful Drinking Festival launches in Australia

24 July 2020 Convenience World: Mindful Drinking Festival open to all for 2020

24 July 2020 RetailWorld: Mindful Drinking Festival open to all for 2020

23 July 2020 The Zine: Club Soda: The Australian Mindful Drinking Festival

21 July 2020 Imbibe: Tune in to the global Mindful Drinking Festival live online

15 July 2020 The Drinks Business: Former Diageo Manager Launches Talent Agency For Bartenders

Summer 2020 Imbibe: Imbibe Live Online

14 July 2020 Huffington Post: How To Cut Down On Alcohol If The Quarantinis Got Out Of Hand

13 July 2020 Retail Times: Lyre’s wins big at Imbibe no and low taste award

8 July 2020 Imbibe: No & Low Taste Awards 2020 – the results are in!

4 July 2020 The Independent: Sober in a pandemic: How lockdown helped people quit drinking

29 June 2020 Imbibe: Long read: What the no- and low-abv category’s rise during lockdown means for the on-trade

24 June 2020 VerywellMind: The 7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups of 2020

15 June 2020 The Morning Advertiser: Glass half full: how has Covid-19 changed consumer attitudes to soft drinks?

10 June 2020 Harpers Wine & Spirit: The Drinks Trust launches mindful drinking programme

5 June 2020 The Daily Telegraph: A brush with coronavirus has transformed my relationship with alcohol

29 May 2020 The Spirits Business: Low- and no-alcohol producers must not ‘cut corners’

22 May 2020 Bar Life UK: The Drinks Trust Announce Wellness Programmes Designed to Address Covid-19 Needs

21 May 2020 Bar Magazine: The Drinks Trust increases wellness services to tackle Covid-19 needs and beyond

21 May 2020 Belfast Telegraph: Worried about how much you’re drinking in lockdown? Here’s what you can do…

21 May 2020 Drinks Retailing News: The Drinks Trust reveals enhanced Wellness Services

21 May 2020 Echo Live: Are you drinking too much in lockdown?

21 May 2020 Harper’s: The Drinks Trust launches roster of wellness services

15 May 2020 The Irish News: Worried about your drinking during lockdown? You’re not alone in that

15 May 2020 The Portugal News: Are you worried about how much you’re drinking in lockdown?

6 May 2020 Female First: Are you worried about how much you’re drinking in lockdown?

6 May 2020 Talk Talk: Are you worried about how much you’re drinking in lockdown?

1 May 2020 The Drinks Business: What’s on this weekend – the Sober Weekender

April 2020 Essentially Catering Magazine: Mindful Drinking (pages 16-19)

28 April 2020 The Gentleman’s Journal: To drink or not to drink? The new rules of social drinking

18 April 2020 BBC News: Coronavirus: Is my lockdown drinking normal?

8 April 2020 InStyle: For Some, Sobriety Is Easier in Quarantine

3 April 2020 HuffPost UK: How To Separate Your Week From Your Weekend During Lockdown

3 April 2020 Drinks Retailing News: Coronavirus: Isolation could provide a safe space to explore alcohol-free drinks

31 March 2020 HuffPost UK: Go Easy On The Quarantinis: How To Keep Your Alcohol Intake In Check During Lockdown

24 March 2020 DOSE: What to Do if You’re Drinking Way More During Self-Isolation

24 March 2020 Drinks Retailing News: Low and no-alcohol looks to be a star category of the future

10 March 2020 Beverage Business World: 200 Young’s pubs sign up to the Club Soda Guide, the UK’s only guide to low and no drinks and where to find them

Spring 2020 Imbibe: Book Reviews – How to be a Mindful Drinker: Cut Down, Stop for a Bit or Quit

6 March 2020 Der Tagesspiegel: Sober Bars: Trinken und Feiern ohne Rausch [Sober Bars: Drink and Party without Intoxication]

1 March 2020 The Sunday Times: No-alcohol beer on tap ‘in all Bristol pubs’

28 February 2020 BigHospitality: What’s on at Hotel, Restaurant and Catering (HRC) 2020

28 February 2020 Caterer, Licensee & Hotelier News: Young’s Pubs Sign Up To Low Alcohol Guide

28 February 2020 Hospitality & Catering News: Young’s pubs recognise consumer taste for low and no alcohol

27 February 2020 Venue Insight Magazine: Young’s Pubs Lead the Way With Quality Drinks Choices for Mindful Drinkers

27 February 2020 Vox: Becoming a “mindful drinker” changed my life

27 February 2020: AB InBev names 17 companies for latest accelerator programme

25 February 2020 Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings: Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) returns to ExCeL next week

18 February 2020 FoodChain Magazine: Changing Tastes

14 February 2020 The Guardian: Make mine a single: drinks to enjoy solo

14 February 2020 Country & Town House: The Mindful Drinking Movement: How To Get Involved

February 2020 Planet Mindful: 12 ways to let go of stress: How to cultivate kindness

10 February 2020 Restaurant Industry News: PUB20 celebrates biggest show yet and announces dates for 2021

10 February 2020 Venue Insight: PUB20 Celebrates the Health of the Pub Industry With Biggest Show Yet

3 February 2020 NBC Out: Queer and sober: New options arise for those seeking booze-free fun

2 February 2020 Cambridge Independent: SoBar, so good for healthy hedonists at Sook in the Grafton

31 January 2020 The Spirits Business: Top 10 spirits marketing moves in January

29 January 2020 Access All Areas: January Blues

27 January 2020 Grow by Facebook: Drink the Bar Dry

27 January 2020 Wellbeing News: Increased range of low & no alcohol alternatives drives new decade’s mindful drinking movement

26 January 2020 The Argus: Cocktail connoisseur mixes it up with low-alcohol drink

24 January 2020 The Drinks Business: The week in pictures

23 January 2020 Drinks Retailing News: More than 50% of UK drinkers have tried low-alcohol, survey shows

20 January 2020 Catering Today: How to tailor your marketing for ‘Dry January’

16 January 2020 HELLO!: Best things to do in London for a fun weekend: 18-19 January 2020

16 January 2020 ONIN London: Dry January? Experience the Mindful Drinking Festival by Club Soda

16 January 2020 Food Matters Live: How to tailor your marketing for awareness months

15 January 2020 Backstage: Spend All Night With Wes Anderson + More Hot Dates for London Actors

14 January 2020 Visit London: Things to do in London this weekend

14 January 2020 TimeOut London: Three of the best – Bars for temperance

14 January 2020 TimeOut London: Something for the weekend – Mindful Drinking Festival

14 January 2020 Beverage Business World: Experience the World’s most innovative low and no drinks brands at The Mindful Drinking Festival

13 January 2020 Foodism: Don’t miss: 17 things to eat, drink and do in London this weekend

13 January 2020 LAD Bible: The Rise Of The Non-Drinker: Why Young People Are Turning Their Backs On Booze

13 January 2020 The Malestrom: Dry January Fest, Travel Adventures & Anti-Diet Lectures – The Weekly EDIT

13 January 2020 The Caterer: Clive Watson, Josie Adams, Charlie Gilkes and Neil Rankin lined up to speak at Pub20

13 January 2020 The World of Hospitality: Leading industry figures line up to speak at PUB20

13 January 2020 Londonist: Things To Do This Weekend In London: 18-19 January 2020

12 January 2020 East London and West Essex Guardian: Free festival in East London aims to change your drinking habits

11 January 2020 Londonist: Free And Cheap Events In London This Week: 13-19 January 2020

11 January 2020: Holistic Scotland: Mindful Drinking for Dry January

10 January 2020 i News: ‘Why does nanny keep falling over?’: The moment that made me quit drinking for good

10 January 2020: Ontrade Progress: PUB20 speakers announced

10 January 2020 The Morning Advertiser: Fugitive Motel goes dry

10 January 2020 Imbibe: Six things we learned about no and low at our latest Industry Matters event

9 January 2020 Goop: Why Are People Sober-Curious?

9 January 2020 Epping Guardian: Free two-day festival aims to change your drinking habits

9 January 2020 Just Drinks: What’s coming up in soft drinks in 2020? – Predictions for the Year Ahead

9 January 2020 Venue Insight: Over 60 Low and No Alcohol Drinks to Try at This Month’s Mindful Drinking Festival!

8 January 2020 Made in Shoreditch: Amplify Your Dry January

8 January 2020 Metro: Why turning down a tipple is becoming a growing trend

8 January 2020 The Drinks Business: Diageo launches first ad campaign for non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ brand Seedlip

8 January 2020 Hackney Gazette: Laura Willoughby: ‘The sky doesn’t fall in if you don’t drink on an evening out’

8 January 2020 City Matters: What’s on around the City of London this week

8 January 2020 British Institute of Innkeeping News: Leading industry figures line up to speak at PUB20

7 January 2020 Askmen: A Guide to Sex and Dating During Dry January

7 January 2020 Metro: A lose-the-booze cruise

7 January 2020 Restaurant Industry News: Leading industry figures line up to speak at PUB20

6 January 2020 El Ibérico: Londres abre el primer bar de cerveza sin alcohol del mundo [London opens the world’s first non-alcoholic beer bar]

January 2020 Good Housekeeping: How to be a part-time teetotaller

January 2020 Red Magazine: Be a freer spirit

5 January 2020 Sunday Express S Magazine: New Year, New You

5 January 2020 The Sun: DRY JAN Have you got the bottle to go dry? If you’re giving up the booze this month, here’s how to stay on the wagon

4 January 2020 Evening Standard: Dry January: Where to drink in London when you’re not drinking

4 January 2020 MyLondon: 7 fun things to do in London this month if you’re doing Dry January

3 January 2020 BBC Three: Dry January: ‘I thought not drinking was just for alcoholics’

2 January 2020 The Daily Mirror: Mirror Book Club: Best diet and fitness books this week to aid New Year resolutions

2 January 2020 Drinks Retailing News: Dry January 2020 “is going to be massive”

2 January 2020 London on the Inside: What’s on – Mindful Drinking Festival

1 January 2020 The Resident: 15 Sober Activities To Get You Through Dry January

TV, radio & podcasts

17 December 2020 Lifefulness podcast: Ep #22 – ‘How To Drink More Mindfully This Xmas’ with Laura Willoughby

5 December 2020 BBC Radio 5 Live: Saturday Breakfast

2 December 2020 Barter in the Booth podcast: Mindful Drinking w/ Dru Jaeger

20 November 2020 Mind: Unlocked Podcast: Wtf exactly is mindful drinking?And how to change your alcohol habits with guest interviewer Dru Jaeger from Club Soda

9 October 2020 Times Radio: Gloria de Piero

8 October 2020 The Drinks Trust: Minds Matter

1 October 2020 CTV News: Sober October

1 October 2020 BBC Radio Berkshire: Afternoons with Phil Kennedy

1 October 2020 BBC Radio Scotland: Morning with Kaye Adams

9 September 2020 BBC Radio 5 Live – Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts podcast: Routes To Recovery

26 August 2020 BBC Three Counties Radio: Evenings

17 August 2020 AF Beer Club Podcast: Episode 2 – Club Soda

July 2020 Co-op Podcast: Sober curious

23 July 2020 A Sober Girls Guide: Laura Willoughby Club Soda

21 July 2020 HospoLive: Life Hacks: Mindful Drinking in Hospitality with Camille Vidal, La Maison Wellness & Dru Jaeger, Club

14 July 2020 Huffington Post: Am I making you uncomfortable podcast

29 June 2020 Imbibe Live: Emerging consumer trends and how that could impact your drinks menu after lockdown

29 May 2020 SipAdvisor – Imbibe podcast: Episode 1

29 May 2020 Hospo Live: Mindful Drinking in May

24 May 2020 Wet & Dry podcast: Episode 10 Reunited @ Tooting Common

22 May 2020 Hospo Live: Mindful Drinking in May

20 May 2020 BBC Three Counties Radio: Afternoons

15 May 2020 Hospo Live: The essentials of mindful drinking

8 May 2020 Hospo Live: Mindful Drinking in May: Part II

3 May 2020 BBC Radio Kent: Afternoons on BBC Radio Kent

2 May 2020 BBC Radio London: Carrie and David Grant

1 May 2020 Hospo Live: Benefits of taking a break

1 May 2020 BBC Radio 4: You and Yours

1 May 2020 BBC Radio Scotland: Mornings with Stephen Jardine

30 April 2020 BBC Radio Ulster: The Lynette Fay show

24 April 2020 Hospo Live: Club Soda’s Laura Willoughby MBE & Anja Madhvani talk about how to be a mindful drinker

21 April 2020 BBC Radio West Midlands: Mid-morning on BBC WM 95.6

16 April 2020 Hospo Live: Mindful drinking with Laura Willoughby MBE, Club Soda UK

15 April 2020 BBC Radio 5 Live: Drivetime

9 April 2020 Hospo Live: Drinks Focus – How to be a Mindful Drinker

7 March 2020 Sober Experiment: Episode 14 Laura Willoughby

3 February 2020 East London Lines

7 February 2019 Love Sober Podcast: Episode Twenty Six 07 02 19

February 2019 Soberful podcast: 39 The Sober Revolution Starts Here with Laura Willoughby

27 January 2020 WCR FM

24 January 2020 Moorlands Radio, BBC Radio Norfolk, Connections Radio, Fix Radio, Radio News Hub, U105 Radio, SFM Radio and Siren FM

19 January 2020 BBC Radio 2: Claudia on Sunday

18 January 2020 BBC Radio London: Carrie and David Grant show

17 January 2020 BBC Radio 4: You and Yours: Smart Consumer – Mindful drinking for the sober curious – could you give up alcohol?

16 January 2020 Table Talk Podcast, Food Matters Live: The growth of alcohol-free drinks

15 January 2020 LBC

13 January 2020 BBC Radio Wiltshire

11 January 2020 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

7 January 2020 Interviews on 21 US radio stations

3 January 2020 BBC Radio Coventry

3 January 2020 Love Sober podcast: Episode 61

3 January 2020 The Sober Club podcast: How to be a mindful drinker with Laura Willoughby

2 January 2020 BBC Radio Devon

Blogs, etc

12 October 2020 Rebel Book Club: RBC Live! x Club Soda: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

6 October 2020 Ryebeck: Alcohol-free lager Lucky Saint launches on draught across the UK

2 October 2020 Big Drop: Go Sober or Soberish for October 2020

6 July 2020 The British Guild of Beer Writers: Want To Change Your Drinking? Discover How To Drink Mindfully

9 June 2020 Vida Media: Next-Generation Media Brands

1 June 2020 Women in the Food Industry: Interview with Emma Heal MD of Lucky Saint

28 May 2020 Real Kombucha: Celebrating 13 years sober with a glass of the REAL stuff

16 May 2020 Proud and Sober: Laura Willoughby MBE

April 2020 Genuine Productions: Club Sobriety [film]

8 March 2020: Amplify: Celebrating Women Leading The Change

18 February 2020: Highline Beta: AB InBev’s 100+ Accelerator Welcomes Second Cohort to its Global Sustainability Accelerator Program

11 February 2020 Broadway Lodge: Sophie shares her experience with alcohol at the Mindful Drinking Festival 2020

11 February 2020: AC Services (Southern): Pub20 Show Report

3 February 2020 Medium: Non-alcoholic spirits: is the mindful drinker the new flexitarian?

29 January 2020 Grape and Nectar: What the heck is mindful drinking?

26 January 2020 The Sober Experiment: The Sober Revolution – is it really here?

24 January 2020 Redhead Ramblings: Dry season

22 January 2020 Good Koffee: Social Coffee TONIK by Good Koffee Launches at Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival

21 January 2020 drinkNAB: Mindful Drinking Festival

20 January 2020 The Portman Group: Meditations on the Mindful Drinking Festival

19 January 2020 Be Sober: Sober Events – Is this the best sober event in the world? The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival in London

14 January 2020 The London Pass: Dry January: Sober Fun In London

13 January 2020 The RSA: Join the mindful drinking movement

12 January 2020 Kashmiri Tea House: What’s driving the rise of the no and low alcohol drinks market in the UK?

10 January 2020 Hotel, Restaurant & Catering: Low and no alcohol drinks trends 2020

10 January 2020 Rosemary & Pork Belly: Food Festivals UK

9 January 2020 Muddy Stilettos: Are you sober curious?

January 2020 Balance: The Mindful Drinking Festival 2020

January 2020 Popculturebeast: What to do in London – January 2020

2 January 2020 Volution Event: Mindful Drinking Festival

Articles and guest blogs we’ve written

November 2020 DRINKiQ: When it comes to drinking, what is ‘normal’?

November 2020 DRINKiQ: ‘I’m funnier when I drink.’ This and other myths about drinking, busted

November 2020 DRINKiQ: What does it mean to be a mindful drinker?

15 October 2020 Portman Group: No-alcohol Products – Mindful Drinking in Lockdown

12 August 2020 The Drinks Trust: Taking The Weekend Off Drinking

13 July 2020 Helsa: Coming out of lockdown with drinking concerns?

30 January 2020 Alko: Trendiraportti 2020 [Trend report 2020 – pdf file]

13 January 2020 The RSA: Join the Mindful Drinking Movement

9 January 2020 Hospitality UK: How to integrate low and no alcohol into your offering

8 January 2020 Tipaton: Jussi Tolvin Blogi – Tipaton tammikuu Britanniassa [Jussi Tolvi’s blog – Dry January in Britain]

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