Completed dry January? What next?

If you’ve just completed Dry January, you may be wondering what to do next. In this guest webinar, chartered psychologist Helen O’Connor takes us through some of what you may have learnt during your sober sprint, and what to do with that knowledge as you look to the rest of 2018.

There may be many questions you have:

  • Do you have the self-control to moderate your drinking during the rest of the year?
  • Is it easier to just not drink?
  • What strategies do you need to put in place going forward?
  • How do you deal with social events?
  • Have you worked out what type of drinker you are?
  • What reasons did you have for taking a break?
  • Is life better without alcohol in?

You don’t have to wait until next January to take a month off booze. Our Sober Sprint online programme, which Helen wrote with us, is available at any time.

Our webinars are free and happen live inside our private Facebook group. They are also available from the following Monday lunchtime on our YouTube channel.

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