How I conquered my addiction through Yoga

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Esther Nagle is the founder of Balance and Breathe and author of Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Yoga. Today she shares with us how she conquered her addiction through Yoga.

Many of the reasons we drink are to relieve stress and tension and get through difficult times. For most of my adult life, alcohol, along with marijuana and other recreational drugs, were my go-to solution to my ever-increasing problems. Alcohol offered me the oblivion I sometimes needed, and the fake confidence that was required at other times, and all of the time, the way to be able to stand to be in my own company. I didn’t like myself much when I was sober!

In 2013 I was brought face to face with the stark reality that alcohol was no longer capable of helping me with my problems. I now see of course that it didn’t at all. The breakdown I experienced forced me to change my life completely, and I trained to be a yoga teacher. I learned a lot on that training that helped me to look closely at my life, but the most transformational thing I learned was how to breathe properly.

As an asthmatic and heavy smoker, my lungs were in a poor condition and really benefited from learning to breathe well. As I deepened my connection to my breath, I found my stress levels lowering, my sleep improving, and my moods becoming balanced. Eventually, 7 months into the training, I decided I didn’t want any more hangovers, and on 12 October 2014 I stopped drinking, and haven’t looked back!

I really believe that learning to breathe well was absolutely fundamental to helping me to this place where sobriety wasn’t a struggle, but a very real choice I made and was able to stick to. My breath has got me through enormously stressful times in the last 4 years, and in this webinar, I am going to share with you how you can improve your resilience and stress management through learning to breathe better and improving your connection to your breath.

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