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You can’t help but count the days. Whether you are taking 3 days a week off, restricting booze just to weekends, stopping for a month, 100 days or have hit a milestone in an alcohol-free life. Like member Lucy who is celebrating how 500 days feels.

Hangover-free life, day 500

So today is the 500th day of my hangover free life ……

Wow – I don’t actually know what to say.  I NEVER EVER thought I could do this.  I never thought that I could live without booze.  I thought my life, and I, would be a husk of its former self – me a whizzened boring dullard who had dried out not just her liver but her ‘joie de vivre’.  That couldn’t be further from the truth 🙂

My life is fuller and busier and happier than it has ever been.   This week-end I am off to London with a group of 8 of the coolest people I could ever have wished to meet.  What do we all have in common?  We all stopped drinking and showed up online looking for help, support and inspiration.  This week-end we will celebrate milestone anniversaries for several of the members of the group, we will visit museums, we will run and we will eat, drink and be merry without a drop of alcohol touching our lips.  I will come home knowing that this was the smartest thing I have ever done for myself, my family and my future.

Starting on a journey

When I started on this journey I didn’t know any of that.  I was scared and anxious and time stretched ahead like some kind of barren desert with no oasis of alcohol in sight.  But it’s just like changing any other habit.  I used to smoke and now I don’t.  I used to take recreational drugs and now I don’t.  I used to be proud of being ‘allergic to exercise’ but now I run.  I used to think late nights were for heroes and early morning for sleeping – well I still think that 😉

I love the book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers because she is so bloody right.  No pain no gain right?  I’m not saying it’s not difficult but the anticipatory anxiety (thanks Prim) is worse than the reality and the best bit is – there are hundreds, no thousands, of us choosing to do this now.  We are leading the charge folks so why not join me?

Addiction and recovery volunteering

I’ve also celebrated this milestone early.  Four weeks ago I started volunteering one day a week at a local abstinence-based drug and alcohol residential treatment centre.  It felt like the next right thing for me to do.  There is something so freeing about spending time with people where you can talk freely about your own addiction and recovery and you know that they just ‘get it’.  It’s my now regular once a week sober treat 🙂

Thank you to every single one of you who has supported me and I raise my cup of tea to you and the next 500 days!!


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