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Whether you want to drink moderately or go alcohol-free, Be Rebel AF will help you develop a health and happy relationship with alcohol.

A chance to experiment

Be Rebel AF is organised into 31 lessons that you can work through at your own pace. Some people will look at one lesson at the same time each day, so they get into a steady daily rhythm, and the course lasts a month. But how long it takes is up to you. The course is yours to keep so don’t worry if you need or want to take longer, take a break or go back over anything again.

Be Rebel AF is about creating lasting change, so it is filled with practical things to do: questions that will help you pay attention, exercises to give you perspective, real-world challenges to try new things, and opportunities to connect with others who are becoming mindful drinkers. Everything in this course is, of course, an invitation – you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. But we invite you to experiment, try things out and see what happens.

What you’ll get from Be Rebel AF

Be Rebel AF is packed with the information, tools and support you need to help you change your drinking, your way.

  • Part 1 introduces the essentials of mindful drinking, including some useful tools and questions that will help you pay attention to your drinking
  • Part 2 dives deeper, exploring the patterns of your thinking and your motivations for change
  • Part 3 is a chance to step back, so you can consider the kind of life you want to live, including how to decide whether moderating or going alcohol-free will work for you
  • Part 4 deals with the practicalities of planning, progress tracking and problem-solving
  • And the final few lessons prepare you for life beyond Be Rebel AF, so you’re ready to put your mindful drinking plans into action.

Be Rebel AF for free

Be Rebel AF is normally £40, but completely free to students in Bournemouth University’s halls of residence. Complete the form below and we’ll email you a discount code. The questions below are for monitoring purposes and to check that you are eligible for a funded place. We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously, and we won’t pass your personal information onto the university.

Please note: if you’re not currently at BU and sign up using this code, we reserve the right to remove your access to the course or charge you £40.

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Is there any reason I shouldn’t do the course?

You must not stop drinking suddenly if you think you are physically dependent on alcohol. Be Rebel AF is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are concerned that you might be physically dependent on alcohol, talk to your doctor. And if you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms at any point during the course, you must seek medical help.

When will the course start?

You can join this course at any time. Just complete the form above to get a discount coupon code. We’ll send you an email with a link to sign up.

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll find the course materials on this page. If you don’t see them, there’s no need to sign up again – our website might have logged you out. Just log in to start your course.

If you can’t log in or you don’t receive any emails from us, please check your spam folder first. And if you still can’t find the email, please get in touch and we’ll look into it.

How does the course work?

All the course materials for Be Rebel AF are hosted on a secure and private part of our website. The course is divided into 31 lessons, which you can progress through at your own pace.

Who’s behind the course?

How to Change Your Drinking has been developed by Dru Jaeger, one of the co-founders of Club Soda and the author of How to Be a Mindful Drinker. Dru is a writer, researcher, facilitator, coach and mindfulness teacher – and he’s a mindful drinker who drinks little and occasionally. The course also draws on Club Soda’s research into the experiences of our members who have changed their drinking

And finally…

While we make every effort to run this course as advertised, we reserve the right to change the course content if necessary. We also reserve the right to suspend any member who does not keep to our Club rules and terms and conditions.

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