Creating a personal success mantra

Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Wandsworth Radio presenter Nicolette Wilson shares her advice on creating a personal success mantra.

What is a mantra?

It can be seen as a sacred text, an incantation or even a spell, but basically, it is the repetition of something that is your focused, conscious desire.

Why would we use a mantra?

Generally, we can only think about one thing at a time, so a mantra can bring you back your thoughts, to your goal. It will help keep you focused and stop you being distracted. It helps fix your intention by keeping it strong and present in your mind.

Only 8% of people stick to their intentions/resolutions set at new year. So having a mantra can help.

Questions to create your mantra

“Nicolette’s word is COURAGE. Laura’s is ACTION!”

Creating your mantra

Sit quietly and think about what matters to you most right now. Like changing your drinking habits.

Then declare your intention to yourself and incorporate the word from above. Say it out loud!

For example: “My intention is to moderate my drinking – I have the power to do this!”

Repeat it often – when you need it most. For example lots of times first thing in the morning.

The act of repetition keeps you focused!

Nicolette’s daily mantra is “I have everything I need in place to fly!”

Watch the full video below – and apologies for a slightly jumpy video – a dodgy internet connection meant this took three goes but it is worth it!

Nicolette is the Founder and Director of Nicolette Yoga & Coaching.  She is a professional Life and Wellness Coach, a health radio presenter and an accomplished Senior Yoga Teacher with over 25 years’ experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry.

Presently, Nicolette works predominantly with women and creates a non-judgemental and open space where coaching and yoga can take the individual from ordinary to extraordinary. Nicolette believes that with clarity and awareness comes choice, creation, and change resulting in powerful and unstoppable results. Her sessions help women realign with what matters to them most.

In 2015, Nicolette was nominated and the winner of the Health and Well-Being Coach of the Year with the established Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants and was shortlisted in 2016 for Women’s Coach of the Year.

Nicolette produces and presents a weekly health and well-being radio show every Wed 10am on Wandsworth Radio called Healthy Wandsworth and also contributes to health and well-being online magazines/websites.

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