Webinar: Dawn was sick and tired of being sick and tired

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Club Soda member and blogger Dawn (aka SoberFish) did her first Sober Christmas just a month after quitting. How did she do it? She explains all in this webinar discussion with Laura.

“In the summer of 2016, an article showing ‘before and after alcohol’ photos popped into my Facebook feed and the sobriety seed was planted. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and wanted to look as fresh as the people in the article.

I set myself a challenge to give up alcohol for 12 months. I wasn’t physically dependent but felt alcohol was stealing my life from me; life that could be used in a far better ways than hangover and sickness.

I pledged to give up on New Years Eve 2016 but my sober/smoke free date came sooner than expected when I was struck down with flu in November 2016. I haven’t drunk alcohol or smoked a cigarette since.

Sobriety not only gave me my life back but also gave me incredible opportunities such as my blog, starting my own small businesses selling sober greeting cards and sober clothing, meeting countless new friends and generally spreading the word that sober ain’t so bad after all.

I am passionate about sobriety like I’ve never been passionate about anything before.

Alcohol is destroying lives and it is my mission to try to help reverse the stigma attached to sobriety. It is NOT dull or grey or boring; I’ve never been so busy or fulfilled or happy in my life ❤️”

You can read Dawn’s blog, follow her on Instagram, and join her at the next Club Soda social in Exeter.



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