Drunken shopping … the truth

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Shopping while drunk

It does not matter how long ago you tamed your drinking, sometimes you are pulled back to a vague memory of an incident you would rather forget: drunken shopping.

Time Magazine reports that 12% of Americans shopping on ‘Black Friday’ admit to being drunk.

My most ‘memorable’ online shopping under the influence incident involved a washing machine suddenly turning up on my doorstep. It is one my co-founder Nic recalls often. At least she did not see the long list of domain names I also bought when drunk, some of which were terribly misspelt.

Although I never went as far as drunken shopping in person, like Zoe Williams from the Guardian writes: “I can’t now remember why I didn’t just choose the sofa drunk, and go back to make the final purchase when I was sober”. The comments below the article are worth a gander….

So I hope these jolly tales will keep you amused over the weekend, as well as give you the resolve you need to do your festive shopping sober. In person or online, rest assured you will be making better decisions than at least 12% of your fellow shoppers!

1. Listing your ‘face-palm’ incidents is one way to remind yourself why cutting down or quitting is a vast improvement.

Especially if those events tip into more than the odd occasion. I used to think that I was the same as everyone else, as a society we share these stories as ‘badges of honour’, but if when you tell them you are really wishing it never had happened, then, well…

2. Does Christmas shopping have to be something you hate?

With a clear head you have the energy to think about what people mean to you, what makes them happy, and what gift would really put a smile on their face. If you want to, you can make this year’s shopping feel very different.

3. If you have cut back on drinking you will have spare cash.

Spend it on something nice for yourself. This year I am buying myself a new iPod, a smaller, thinner one, so when I fall asleep on it when listening to books, it’s slightly more comfortable!


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